Blind Guardian, Grave Digger in The Ballroom at Warehouse Live

Blind Guardian, Grave Digger in The Ballroom at Warehouse Live Folder

(Monday) September 26, 2016 - 19:00

Warehouse Live - 813 Saint Emanuel St (Map)

56 people attended

5.0/5 (1)

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Warehouse Live Presents
Blind Guardian Beyond The Red Mirror Tour
w/ special guest Grave Digger
Monday September 26, 2016
Doors: 7:00 PM
Show: 7:30 PM
All Ages
Tickets: On Sale Now!
$25 ADV, $27 DOS
The Ballroom at Warehouse Live
813 Saint Emanuel Street
Houston, TX 77003

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening or good night.

Be it late, be it early or somewhere in between, I suppose, that matches all of your actual statuses, no matter where you are. As a constant time traveller it is not a big deal for me to cope with all of these paradoxes at once. Where was I? Oh, I have not even started, yet...

I‘ve got something to say. Here it comes. Now. In just a second.

Though the festival season is keeping us busy for a little while longer (and we're enjoying every single moment of it) our restless thoughts are moving further, already, traveling to places beyond your imagination (*spoiler warning*). Physically, captured in the Here and Now (no direct reference to Beyond the Red Mirror intended here), our minds are already heading westward and into the future.

I , being asked at least a thousand times by journalists and fans if we were not, in general, interested in a conceptual album performance, have been surprised by my bandmates, who came up with the exact same idea during last week‘s journey to Denmark and Poland. I cannot exactly remember where or when. Needless to say, the idea appealed mind-blowing and completely new to them… Guess what? André and Marcus suggested to make this September‘s Northern American Tour an Imaginations From the Other Side conceptual tour!!! No surprise, Frederik was immediately up for that!

Guess what (II), this idea, coming out of the mouths of my long term companions, somehow started to sound appealing to me as well. It might be the two beers I drank that evening, but I, for whatever reason, spontaneously agreed on doing so, and now they are bound and determined to hold me to my word. No way out. I am already using too many words to deliver a fairly simple message…

Here it comes in plain words...


Instead of revealing more secrets, I better go back to my rehearsal room and practice these songs. This will be a busy summer for us and certainly an enjoyable upcoming experience for our North American friends.


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(Monday) September 26, 2016

Blind Guardian, Grave Digger in The Ballroom at Warehouse Live

Warehouse Live 813 Saint Emanuel St Houston, TX United States

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