The Great Depressurization Chamber 2016

The Great Depressurization Chamber 2016 Folder

(Monday) September 05, 2016 - 12:00

Reno, Nevada, Estados Unidos - (Map)

463 people attended

5.0/5 (1)

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Appearing live at Reno Events Center Sept 6th.
Pretty Lights
Lil Uzi Vert
Big Wild • Mikey Thunder

Grand Sierra Resort
Dr Fresch • Fort Knox Five ft Qdup
The Funk Hunters • Mikey Lion B2B Porkchop • Motion Potion • Worthy

All Good Funk Alliance • Benjamin K • Calvin & Klein • Derek Hena • DivaDanielle • Erik Lobe • Flook • HåNNA • Henry Pope • micah j • MIHKAL • Miss Cooper & Craigslist Hook-Up • Morillo • Motorhome • Mr Rooney • Neighbour • Nick Parkey • Paranome • Professor Stone • Punketmatrix • Rundown • Small Talk (Little John and Takuya) • Stephan Jacobs • The Golden Pony • The Rhino • The Roblem • Time Splitters • Tobin Ellsworth • 2Tight • vitaminDevo

Tuesday, September 6 at 1Up
Morillo • MIHKAL • Stephan Jacobs
Mr Rooney • Punktematrik

Rates starting from $39.00 + fee and taxes!
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Silver Legacy and The Eldorado
Reservations • 800-648-5966
Group block • Depressurization
Group code • FRESH16
—> (to insure proper rates and accommodations are assigned)

Circus Circus Reno
Reservations • 1-800-648-5010
Mention Booking Code: IMGREAT

Whitney Peak Hotel
20% discount on best rate available
BurningMan Special - Whitney Peak Hotel
(excludes Memorial weekend)

Join this event page for 2016 and drop your favorite memory from the 2015 event in the comments. We'd rather spend the marketing budget on condiment slip-n-slides, mechanical unicorn riding, psychedelic bingo, and bottomless mimosas in the kitchen instead!

Follow us for photos, after-movies, and artist performances from our 2015 depressurization:

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(Monday) September 05, 2016

The Great Depressurization Chamber 2016

Reno, Nevada, Estados Unidos Reno, NV United States

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