Jade Cicada X Bogtrotter At Aisle 5

Jade Cicada X Bogtrotter At Aisle 5 Folder

(Thursday) September 01, 2016 - 21:00

Aisle 5 - 1123 Euclid Ave NE (Map)

255 people attended

5.0/5 (1)

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Presented by: Together At Last Presents X Full Circle Presents
Jade Cicada X BogTroTTeR at Aisle 5
Thursday September 1st ll All Ages ll $13 Adv

On Sale Friday 10 AM:

Jade Cicada

“Jade is a material thought by the ancient Chinese to be crystalized moonlight that has fallen to earth to spread wisdom and peace. Cicadas symbolize rebirth, metamorphosis, and illumination, and with their dying breath sing with such power that their chorus of song is among the loudest in nature. Jade Cicada’s music is a reflection of these ideas, and a constant homage to those who have inspired him.”



Bogtrotter holds true to his name, providing psychedelic swamp-step to the masses; focusing on deep liquid-laser textures, seamlessly colliding with heavy and hard hitting percussion. His vibe and unique style easily stands out, even among an ocean of talent in the scene. Influenced by dubstep, psytrance and various other musical sources, as well as his own mind-expanding psychonautical experiences.

His purpose is to translate the strange and foreign worlds his mind has taken him to, into an intense auditory journey. In addition to his original music, his live performances along visionary artists such as Tipper, Eoto, Mumukshu, Shwex, Mindbuffer, Mr. Bill, and Love and Light, have earned him respect among the psychedelic bass community.


Tickets available on: https://aisle5.frontgatetickets.com/event/4cqa5fsmo8db7pta

(Thursday) September 01, 2016

Jade Cicada X Bogtrotter At Aisle 5

Aisle 5 1123 Euclid Ave NE Atlanta, GA United States

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