DGTL X Kompakt - ADE - Sold out

DGTL X Kompakt - ADE - Sold out Folder

(Saturday) October 22, 2016 - 22:00

Scheepsbouwloods - TT. Neveritaweg 15 1033 WB (Map)

2.678 people attended

5.0/5 (1)

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Cologne’s crown jewel is back in Amsterdam! For more then two decades Kompakt has been one of the prime suppliers of progressive new sounds in electronica, and has been the creative pool through which some leading artists now exist. Expected to join the Kompakt team this year are Laurent Garnier, Kölsch, Âme [live], Michael Mayer b2b Agoria, Patrice Baumel, Frankey & Sandrino and Sonns.

22:00-00:00 SONNS
00:00-02:00 Kölsch
02:00-04:00 Michael Mayer b2b Agoria
04:00-07:00 Laurent Garnier

00:00-02:30 Patrice Baumel
02:30-04:30 Frankey & Sandrino
04:30-06:00 Âme [live]

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2a8fl02



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Minimum age = 18
DGTL ADE is for over 18+ only (don’t forget to bring your ID)

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Scheepsbouwloods/Warehouse NDSM Docklands, Amsterdam


Tickets available on: https://ade.dgtl.nl/en/mydgtl/tickets/

(Saturday) October 22, 2016

DGTL X Kompakt - ADE - Sold out

Scheepsbouwloods TT. Neveritaweg 15 1033 WB Amsterdam, Netherlands

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