Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas + Mathieu Serruys // De Kreun

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas + Mathieu Serruys // De Kreun Folder

(Friday) September 23, 2016 - 20:00

De Kreun - Conservatoriumplein (Map)

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+? MATIAS AGUAYO & The Desdemonas (DE/ENG) +?
Gerenommeerd Chileens DJ en producer Matias Aguyayo met volledige live band !! Absoluut te ontdekken ! ENIGE SHOW IN DE BENELUX !!
When Matias Aguayo comes into town with a new project, he always brings surprises.
From his beginnings with Closer Musik in the late 90's in Cologne and his solo releases on Kompakt and Souljazz, to his legendary street parties in Latin America which were the founding element of the label Cómeme (a place for the most subversive dancefloor sounds from Santiago, via Johannesburg, to Moscow); he has never rested on one genre. From the collaborations with Michael Mayer, Discodeine, Chris Baio (Vampire Weekend) or Battles, to his takes on modern tropicalia on his albums Ay Ay Ay and The Visitor he always chose new ways of work, and always took avenues into unexplored territories.

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas is his band, alongside drummer Matteo Scrimali, keyboarder Henning Specht, and guitarist Gregorio Gomez. With this band, Aguayo creates yet unheard moods and colours.
Scrimali gives his deep, uniquely bouncing swing; Specht unravels leftfield spaced-out melodies alongside elegantly distorted bass sounds, and Gomez travels from an airy slide guitar, down to a tight bell-like sounding low bass. Aguayo sings and dances and plays several instruments, mainly and namely “The Mona” which is a custom made kind of a keyboard version of the Bo Diddley guitar.

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas is an intense band gig, but also a story that will be told in different formats. These work independently from each other but stand in close relationship: an album, a comic, and extensive touring with refined and expanding performances will about:
- Teenagers who developing superpowers linked to a mysterious encounter by a lake...
- The seemingly inevitable collapse of an estranged world...
- A singer who is followed by his doppelgänger...
- A girl who keeps having visions of a car accident...
- A crooked businessman who is running for mayor...
- And more adventures full of heartbreak, sex, daydreaming, nightmares, music, & peculiar dances.

Everything you’re going to see and hear is unreleased, the audience will be present at the beginning of a story that you can’t experience unless you’re at the gig.

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas will be touring Europe and present their cinematographic music full of dark humour and mysterious atmospheres, and their sound - at the same time tropical, psychedelic, exotic and erotic – to the audience.

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Support van dienst is MATHIEU SERRUYS
De Gentse muzikant Mathieu Serruys werkt met tapes en synths. Hij bracht in 2014 'On Germaine Dulac' uit, een ode aan de experimentele filmpionier, op het label B.A.A.D.M., waar hij tevens mede-oprichter van is. Het werd een atmosferische plaat vol getemperde monumentaliteit, delicate emoties en geërodeerde textuur.

Tickets: €9 - €12 - €15

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(Friday) September 23, 2016

Matias Aguayo & The Desdemonas + Mathieu Serruys // De Kreun

De Kreun Conservatoriumplein Kortrijk, Belgium

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