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(Monday) December 12, 2016 - 21:00

Ostpol - Königsbrücker Str. 47 (Map)

30 people attended

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The Wave Pictures // Tacho

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Sie sind wieder da, das nimmersatte Trio The Wave Pictures! Am 11.11.2016 erscheint mit “Bamboo Diner In The Rain” das neue Album des Londoner Trios bestehend aus Jonny Helm (Drums), Dave Tattersall (Gitarre & Gesang) und Franic Rozycki (Bass) via Moshi Moshi. Nur ein Jahr nach der Billy Chilidish-Kollaboration und dem daraus entstandenen Album “Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon” präsentiert die Band um Sänger Tattersall zehn neue Tracks, die ein Zeichen gegen eine technik- und gadgetgeprägte Gesellschaft setzen sollen. Traditionell arrangiert, blues-lastig, verspielt und eine Art Liebeserklärung an die Gitarre und Rockmusik - fernab jeglicher “robot music”, wie es Tattersall nennt:

“You see, these days the kids like their music to be made by machines, even when it pretends otherwise. The kids don’t seem to fear the machines (as I do, having been so profoundly affected at a young age by the first two Terminator movies) and so they happily switch on their computers and listen to robots singing. Well, one day those robots will rise up and kill us all. Listen instead, kids, to The Wave Pictures, the band that will someday soundtrack the resistance. We are the real thing, you know. The only reason the press haven’t noticed is that they are besotted with the machine music of robots, too. Ah, but no robot could swing the way Franic Rozycki swings his tugboat bass on a mighty blues-rock anthem such as “Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean” or “Panama Hat”, which will not sound right until it is heard crackling through a broken radio in a burned out basement after the robot apocalypse, a last little sign of human life on earth. The resistance starts here.”


Video I Love You Like A Madman:
Video Slick Black River From The Rain:

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(Monday) December 12, 2016

The Wave Pictures / Tacho

Ostpol Königsbrücker Str. 47 Dresden, Germany

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