The Phall Grand Ball with Runaway Gin and Holly Bowling!

The Phall Grand Ball with Runaway Gin and Holly Bowling! Folder

(Saturday) September 10, 2016 - 19:30

Music Farm Columbia - 1022 Senate St (Map)

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The Phall Grand Ball @ The Music Farm Columbia
An Acoustic / Electric Celebration of the music of
Phish and the Grateful Dead

Runaway Gin - A Tribute To Phish
Holly Bowling - The Music of Phish and the Dead Reimagined for Solo Piano

$15 ADV / $18.50 DOS
7:30 pm DOORS / 8:30 pm SHOW

Holly Bowling is a classically trained pianist who began playing piano at the age of five. There’s one major distinction, however, that separates her from other similarly studied musicians. That is Holly’s devotion to the legendary rock band Phish. Having attended over 300 shows by the Burlington-based quartet, she became obsessed by their famous rendition of “Tweezer” from Lake Tahoe on July 31, 2013. It led Holly to transcribe this 37-minute improvisational masterpiece note-for-note and arrange it for solo piano. The process, both painstaking and fulfilling, inspired her to transform other Phish songs and well-known live jams into solo piano interpretations. Holly’s breathtaking renditions of Phish classics like “It’s Ice,” “The Squirming Coil” and “Harry Hood” serve not only as a tribute to the modern day kings of jam, but stand on their own as fully developed classical pieces.

The past year has seen Holly expand her repertoire into the realm of the Grateful Dead, including an “Eyes of the World” based on the band’s spectacular exploratory June 18, 1974 performance at Freedom Hall. Using classical piano technique to reinterpret these jamband luminaries, Holly’s live performances infuse new with old, tradition with surreal, and creates a concert experience like nothing else in the music world.


Runaway Gin is the World's most active Phish Tribute Band having played 87 shows in 2015 alone. They play every Sunday at the Charleston Pour House and tour often.

The members of Runaway Gin are long time Phish fans who have united with the goal of creating musical moments inspired by Phish. The band's song list is constantly growing and their improvisational and communication skills are constantly developing independently and together. Like Phish, Runaway Gin will never play the same show or jam the same way twice making every show a unique experience and every moment pure artistic creation.

Runaway Gin strives to capture the essence of Phish's flagship live style of group improvisation known as type-2 jamming as well as learning the composed segments of Phish's catalog with impeccable precision. Their success in these areas comes from constant live shows as well as rehearsals. The current moment is always the driving force in a Runaway Gin show giving the quartet a fresh and original sound during jams and shows as a whole.


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(Saturday) September 10, 2016

The Phall Grand Ball with Runaway Gin and Holly Bowling!

Music Farm Columbia 1022 Senate St Columbia, SC United States

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