Christian Death - The Root of all Evilution Tour

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(Monday) October 17, 2016 - 20:00

DAS BETT - Schmidtstr.12 (Map)

23 people attended

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Einlass: 20:00 Uhr, Beginn 20:30 Uhr
VVK: 17,50 € (Inkl. Gebühren), AK: 19,00 €
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The founding fathers of American goth rock, Christian Death took a relentlessly confrontational stand against organized religion and conventional morality, with an appetite for provocation that made Marilyn Manson look like Stryper. Regardless of who was leading or performing in the group, Christian Death set themselves up to shock, both in their cover art and their lyrics, which wallowed in blasphemy, morbidity, drug use, and sexual perversity. Their self-consciously controversial tactics set them apart from the British goth scene, having more to do with L.A. punk and heavy metal, and thus the band dubbed its sound death rock instead; however, their sensibility was ultimately similar enough that the goth designation stuck in the end. - Steve Huey Rolling Stone

It has been said that Christian Death changed the world, that their inspiration can not be denied.

Their influence has been celebrated by a multitude international artists and vary from the likes of Korn to Trent Reznor, Type O Negative to Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth to The 69 Eyes. Their fingerprint can be found in many Death, Doom and of course, every Goth band on the planet.

There have been 15 official albums , in multiple versions and in a variety of releases in a dozen counties, each followed by many performances around the world many times.

Founded in Los Angeles, California in the Eighties, the band has reinvented itself many times and has had so many line up changes that if every member, former and part time member were in the same place it would be a small town.

The main influence and longest members are Valor (male vocals & guitar) and Maitri (female vocal and bass guitar). In 2016 they will be bringing to audiences around the world performances from their new album The Root Of All Evilution on Knife Fight Media (digitally), The End Records (CD) and Season Of Mist (vinyl).

One of the top ten Goth bands of all time - Rolling Stone

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(Monday) October 17, 2016

Christian Death - The Root of all Evilution Tour

DAS BETT Schmidtstr.12 Frankfurt, Germany

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