B:east PARTY #7 at Magdalena

B:east PARTY #7 at Magdalena Folder

(Saturday) November 26, 2016 - 23:00

B:EAST BERLIN - Magdalena Club, Alt Stralau 1-2 (Map)

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B:EAST BERLIN #7 magdalena

Line up and headliner tbc


Inviting every month the biggest players of the worldwide techno scene which included already:

Enrico Sangliuano (drumcode,Suara )
Loco & Jam ( Aleanza, Stereo)
Jewel Kid (Aleanza)
Manic Bothers (Drumcode , Sleaze)

B:EAST BERLIN will combine all tribes of Berlin's nightlife with a highend music policy: We will offer our clubbers 3 floors of cutting edge music and performance arts featuring Berlin's best DJs and artists: Inteligent Techno on the MAINFLOOR, Deep House on the SECOND FLOOR and Disco and Classic House on the THIRD FLOOR. Unchain the B:EAST! #RAWRRR

OUR AMAZING LOCATION: The magdalena Club.

Situated in an old power station direct at the banks of the River Spree the new magdalena boasts 2 floors and an massive outdoor beach for a capacity of up to 3000 clubbers. The club will also be the Showroom for Pioneer Germany and the brand new Pioneer Club Sound System and will feature one of the best sound systems set ups in Europe. On the main-room will be 6 x 5 meter high Speaker towers installed, plus a state of the Art LED lighting system. The sound (which is ratet the best in town) and light installations of this Party will blow your senses away!

CHECK THE LOCATION: www.vimeo.com/144494707

The B:EAST PARTY is produced by the team of the infamous and beloved REVOLVER PARTY BERLIN (KitKatClub) and therefore HOSTED BY the regular Revolver Bitches:

? Alex Van Hell (REVOLVER and magdalena door control.)
? Maria Psycho LIVE (Revolver Party Clubfreak)
? Nico Röng (B:EAST Guestlistl)
? Arie Oshri (Tel Aviv's Shining GayPride Star!)
? Nicola Grosswiler (the hot swiss farm boy!)

MORE: www.beastparty.berlin | STAY TUNED!

Tickets available on: http://www.beastparty.berlin/

(Saturday) November 26, 2016

B:east PARTY #7 at Magdalena

B:EAST BERLIN Magdalena Club, Alt Stralau 1-2 Berlin, Germany

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