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(Sunday) January 15, 2017 - 15:00

Rainbow Serpent Festival - Jack Smiths Lane (Map)

567 people attended

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***** Over $6,000 worth of tickets up for grabs! *****

Think you know stuff about Rainbow, doof history and general festival life? Here’s your chance to prove it amongst your peers!

Hosted on our smartphone app available on IOS and Android our quiz includes a full leaderboard so you can track your competition. With questions spanning multiple genres it’s not all about music. We also have picture and video questions and quick draw questions where your speed and knowledge will matter most.

Your quiz masters for 2017 are two legendary and hilarious characters of the Melbourne and UK scene, so expect the fun to be fierce!

With over $6000 worth of tickets up for grabs and a heap of merchandise to be given away you don’t have to win it, to be in it.

Naturally all finalists will win tickets to Rainbow 2017 and the Grand Final Prize, well… you’ll just have to wait and see!

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** Quiz Rules **
Each question you answer correctly is worth a certain amount of points. There are six question categories

1 Free Range
2 Music
3 Arts
4 Lifestyle
5 Weird and Wonderful
6 Behind the Scenes

Each category will have its own leaderboard so if you are not great at the Music questions you have the chance to pick up points in a different category

Each month we will randomly award prizes of free tickets to Rainbow Serpent Festival 2017 as well as merch to players based on merit, effort or some other random reason.

We plan to post a few questions each week until approximately the second week of January 2017, some days we may even fire rapid questions at you to help boost your position on the leader boards.

Make sure you keep your Smart Phone App Notifications TURNED ON as you will receive a notifcation each time a question is posted.

Questions will be available for up to 48hrs to answer then they will expire and the points will no longer be available.

Some questions will be timed so as soon as you open them you will have a limited time to answer it before the points are no longer available.

• All questions will be multiple choice
• A few questions will be highly cryptic and we reserve the right to post some completely nonsense ones as well ... it's all part of the fun!

Our quiz masters will make the rest of the rules up as we go and their rulings are final :)

****** Meet Your Quiz Masters ******

---- Luke Shamanix ----

- The New Price Is Right.
- Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?
- Burgo's Catch Phrase.
- Bert's Family Feud.

You name it, Luke has been obsessed by it. From general knowledge to medieval history, Luke is across it. And with Baby John Burgess and Ugly Dave Gray as his greatest influences, It's fair to say that for Luke game shows are more than just a passing interest, they're a way of life.

While trivia nights and afternoon tv quiz shows may be Lukes passion, he has managed to drag himself away from the pub and the tv regularly enough to attend outdoor parties and festivals for many a year now. For so long in fact that it's no longer so much a badge of honour as it is kind of just a little embarrassing, as he's transformed from a guy who marveled at old codgers who go to parties, to being that old codger that goes to parties. And as one of a handful of Rainbow tragics who has attended all 19 previous editions of our favourite festival he's uniquely qualified to fill the role of Rainbow Serpent quizmaster. You could go as far as say it is the role he was born to play, baby.

Game on!

---- Damion Psyreviews ----

Damion Psyreviews began his career as a reviewer of psychedelic trance at a time when the British economy teetered on the brink of collapse in the shadow of the dotcom crash. Rising like a pointless, sodden phoenix from the ashes, he set out on a mission to rid the world of silly, formulaic, and dangerously repetitive dance music. History shows us the extent of his failure.

Psyreviews started in the days before blogs and social media and was created and managed on a crash-prone nicotine-stained Windows 95 behemoth. At its peak, it was read by just under 4,000 global doof miscreants with a sizeable portion of that audience hailing from the antipodes.

With a plethora of tenuous connections, Damion leveraged his retrospectively meaningless influence with a series of trans-global blags that saw him trot over to Rainbow Serpent in 2004, meeting a series of wonderful characters and getting bitten by insects.

Damion remains the only dance music journalist to have been threatened with violence by Skazi, and with legal action by Eskimo. He once brought Raja Ram to tears, and has been referred to by Dick Trevor as that guy .

(Sunday) January 15, 2017

Quizzed & Confused - Ultimate Knowledge Quest

Rainbow Serpent Festival Jack Smiths Lane Lexton, VIC Australia

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