DUB FX in Riga

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(Wednesday) November 30, 2016 - 19:00

Concert hall Godvil - Brīvības gatve 214b (Map)

549 people attended

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DUB FX the street-loop-beatboxer grew up in Australia performing in various bands before hitting the world-wide road. He is famous for an amazing and inspiring street busking Youtube videos, for positive vibrations and clear mind message. Not just a beatboxer, but a true Artist - great songwriter and singer that knows everything about sound and Universe of vibrations around us. Everyone who saw this unique mix of reggae, hip-hop and dubstep live, without any doubts will tell - this is the show that can't be missed. Long-awaited comeback will take place with live musicians involved! Please welcome DUB FX with a NEW ALBUM «Thinking Сlear»!

Tickets available on: http://www.dubfxtour.info/

(Wednesday) November 30, 2016

DUB FX in Riga

Concert hall Godvil Brīvības gatve 214b Riga, Latvia

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