Fear of Men + Sea Bed & Mother Me ~ Patterns ~ 15th October

Fear of Men + Sea Bed & Mother Me ~ Patterns ~ 15th October Folder

(Saturday) October 15, 2016 - 19:00

Patterns - 10 Marine Parade (Map)

42 people attended

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Teen Creeps & Melting Vinyl present:
Fear of Men
+ Sea Bed
+ Mother Me
Patterns Brighton
Sat 15th October 2016

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2aM3uQC

After their sold-out show in Brighton back in April, and a successful month-long headline US tour, Fear Of Men finally return to their hometown after the release of their new album 'Fall Forever' (Kanine Records). Their lush, dreamy sounds combined with existential lyrics create a dark and abiding atmosphere.

New album ‘Fall Forever’ builds on the melodicism of their acclaimed debut album ‘Loom’ and takes it in a bold and modern direction, pushing the limits of their instruments to take on new and alien forms. It is a love album, but one with themes of strength and independence and one that explores emotional extremes of closeness and distance, love and violence.

Fear of Men reflects such contrasts in the sonic palette of the album; cold electronics meet lush, breathing textures, and frenetic post-punk drums shudder against undulating guitars that recall the fluidity of shoegaze while stripping it of that genre’s crutch of thick reverb to create a more forceful and contemporary sound. They have pushed themselves to explore new sonic possibilities with their old instruments while pulling back the veils that have previously obscured them and in the process created an album that could only be theirs.

Slowly, quietly, with near-complete calm, Fall Forever edges the listener into that space of total fragility. **** Tiny Mix Tapes

Fear of Men play with an assurance and polish that has in no way smoothed their many spikes and edges, but left them gleaming. **** The Guardian


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Tickets available on: http://www.seetickets.com/event/fear-of-men/patterns-ex-audio-/1011366

(Saturday) October 15, 2016

Fear of Men + Sea Bed & Mother Me ~ Patterns ~ 15th October

Patterns 10 Marine Parade Brighton, United Kingdom

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Whiskey Myers in Paradiso

Whiskey Myers in Paradiso
Paradiso Amsterdam

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