Teen Creeps & Bad Vibes: DEATH

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(Sunday) October 02, 2016 - 20:00

MOTH CLUB - Valette Street (Map)

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Teen Creeps and Bad Vibrations Present:

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Moth Club, Hackney
02.10.16 - 20:00
£15 adv.



There were four Hackney brothers who grew up in the still-thriving Detroit in the 1960s and ‘70s. Three of them (David, Bobby, and Dannis) fused the spirituality of their Baptist preacher father and their mother’s love for music by creating a band that broke boundaries as well as their neighbors’ eardrums. Being black kids in the home of Motown, they started out playing R&B as the beautifully and all-inclusively monikered Rock Fire Funk Express. But then Alice Cooper and The Who came to town, and David, their guitarist/singer and driving force, decided that rock was going to be it. Based on some fuzzy theological musings, he renamed the band Death and soon the sounds coming out of the Hackneys’ spare bedroom was driving everybody crazy with that “white boy music.”

Scrappy, snarly, epic in scope, and burnt with intensity, Death sounded like nothing else on the planet in 1973 and ‘74. It was as though they had incorporated all the energy and vision of the greatest bands of the time and distilled it down to the most pure and raw elements of rock and roll, with all the arena-style fripperies scraped away.


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(Sunday) October 02, 2016

Teen Creeps & Bad Vibes: DEATH

MOTH CLUB Valette Street Hackney, United Kingdom

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