Freaks Come Out At Night feat. Spor with Dieselboy & Evol Intent

Freaks Come Out At Night feat. Spor with Dieselboy & Evol Intent Folder

(Friday) October 28, 2016 - 20:00

Baltimore Soundstage - 124 Market Pl (Map)

131 people attended

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The Freaks Come Out at Night feat.

Spor Service)

Spor (born Jonathan Gooch, 22 August 1984 in Hertfordshire, England) is a british drum and bass, dubstep, and electro house producer and DJ. He also produces under the alias Feed Me, mainly house and dubstep.
Spor got his name from a combination of one of the first folders of samples he obtained, entitled 'Spore Tactics', and a favorite piece of artwork by a friend. Graffiti outlining eventually meant he would drop the 'e' to leave a more balanced arrangement. After a school friend introduced Spor to the world of Drum and Bass he began experimenting with software to create his own music. After attracting outside attention, he landed himself an exclusive deal with one of Drum & Bass' most prestigious labels, Renegade Hardware, and leading-edge label, Barcode. This opened up many DJ opportunities and after playing his first set at a club in London, Spor has continued traveling the globe playing music.
Nowadays he co-runs the cutting-edge music-label Lifted Music with Chris Renegade, Ewun, Evol Intent & Apex. He continues to release dark, solid, drum & bass through this label and others, and we can only expect more to come.


At a time when headline DJs shamelessly play pre-programmed - even pre-recorded - sets and the masses mindlessly embrace the charade, Dieselboy - The Destroyer - stands out as a rare virtuoso of the art and craft of live DJing. His complex, high voltage, take-no-prisoners sets have created legions of loyal die-hard fans around the world. Arguably no other DJ mixes live - on four decks - with more precision, imagination, intensity, energy and finesse.

In the history of electronic dance music, no one comes even close to matching his legacy of epic dramatic mixes, each a timeless star in his signature constellation. Dieselboy - one of the world's finest technical DJs - has, in fact, elevated the themed DJ mix to the realm of fine art.

For over two decades one of the world's most influential ambassadors of drum and bass, Dieselboy (Damian Higgins) is America's most iconic underground bass music curator and pioneer.

Dieselboy is also a passionate connoisseur of books, film and food. He has written about and been interviewed about his obsession with food, and since 2014 his cooking skills have been displayed in professional kitchens around the world including pop-up hamburger events at restaurants in the Netherlands. He has collaborated on an artisan beer and a gourmet hot dog, and has a cocktail published in Robert Simonson's (New York Times cocktail writer) new book The Old-Fashioned.

Dieselboy was the first drum and bass artist to chart a single on Billboard's dance chart with Invid in 2000, and was the first American voted into the UK-based Drum & Bass Arena Top 10 DJs online poll in 2004. He's been featured on magazine covers, interviewed for documentaries, TV and radio, heard on MTV, ESPN and action/adventure video games, and sponsored by DC Shoes and Pioneer Pro DJ.

In 2002 Dieselboy founded Human Imprint, North America's most prolific, dynamic and innovative drum and bass label, and is co-founder of SubHuman (dubstep, electro, trap), under the umbrella of Planet Human. Planet Human is beloved by its fans for the quality of its next level high energy releases by international vanguard artists including Bare (US), Mark Instinct (Canada), Mayhem (US), Muffler (Finland), Nerd Rage (US), Nightwalker (UK), NumberNin6 (US), Pixel Fist (UK), Subshock (Spain), Zardonic (Venezuela), and Faces of Def (Dieselboy's collaboration with Mark the Beast).

Dieselboy's legacy is also one of non-stop trailblazing dancefloor destruction on the international club circuit as well as at major global music festivals including Bassrush, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, Mexico, New York, Puerto Rico), SXSW, Summerfest, Ultra Music Festival, US Virgin Mobile FreeFest, Weird Bass Music Festival, Motion Notion (Canada), Shambhala (Canada), Borsodi Hegyalja Fesztival (Hungary), World Bass Summit (Japan), Jisan Valley Rock Festival (Korea), PRSPCT XL (Netherlands), Creamfields (Poland), Pirate Station (Russia), Global Gathering (UK), and PHAT 09 (New Zealand). He also toured with Moby's Area2 and played heavy metal concerts with Orgy and Disturbed.

Dieselboy's DJ career began in northwest Pennsylvania DJing high school dances. While a student at the University of Pittsburgh he learned to beat-match vinyl live on college radio and played trance, happy hardcore and breaks at house parties. His 1994 mixtape The Future Sound of Hardcore led to out of town bookings and his expanding popularity and technical skills led to the honor of being the first American asked by a British drum and bass label to mix a compilation ( Drum & Bass Selection USA, 1996).

In 1997 Dieselboy moved to Philadelphia to be drum and bass buyer and T-shirt designer for seminal rave culture/record store 611. In 1998 Dieselboy was the first American drum and bass DJ to be nominated for Best Drum & Bass DJ at the Global DJ Mix Awards and tied with LTJ Bukem. From 1998 to 2004 Dieselboy hosted North America's premier drum and bass weekly Platinum at club Fluid.

In 2000, Dieselboy co-founded with fellow Stateside drum and bass warriors AK1200 and DJ Dara the Planet of the Drums super crew (with MC Messinian) - electronic dance music's longest running annual tour, now in its 16th year (2015).

Dieselboy continuously raises the bar for the DJ mix as an art form, and each of his from 1992 to his latest tour de force Dieselboy - The Destroyer stands the test of time. State of the art showcases of producers and graphic artists of each respective musical era, Dieselboy's mixes have been described as cinematic and intoxicating.

Dieselboy's goal in creating each mix is to make the most intricate, layered, nuanced, amazing drum and bass mix ever done. Period. His sixth sense for sublime exquisite blends - the sound of heaven crashing into hell, as he once described it - is as transcendent as it is legendary.

In his dramatic intros (a Dieselboy trademark) his narrators [who include movie trailer voice legend Don LaFontaine, Peter Cullen ( The Transformers ' Optimus Prime), Lynanne Zager ( Lost, Fantastic Four ), and Corey Burton (Disney) describe epic - from sci-fi fantasy to post-apocalyptic to grindhouse scenarios. (His intro to Wake the Dead is a thinly veiled reference to the death of the art of DJing - a theme that resonates amongst fellow technically skilled DJs, fans and dance music aficionados.)

An inspiration for generations of DJs, Dieselboy's longevity and relevance in a mercurial industry is a tribute to his relentless drive to create amazing experiences for his fans in their iPods and at his infamously explosive live shows.

Dieselboy fans praise his skills as genius. Says The Destroyer: I don't fuck around.


Evol Intent

Evol Intent is a trio of multi-faceted producers, often referred to as a leading group in American Drum & Bass music and beyond. Having released a plethora of music over the last 15 years they are touted as legends in the bass music scene among DJs and fans alike. The various members have other projects the music community should be used to: from Knick's bass-whomp madness as Bro Safari to Enemy's disco/funk house pursuits as Treasure Fingers and Gigantor's waveform warping as Computer Club.

Coming from a DIY punk rock mindset, Evol Intent got their grassroots start releasing music on their own label 'Evol Intent Recordings,' quickly catching the attention of several labels including Barcode/Renegade Hardware which released their remix of Pish Posh's Corrupt Cops and it's blistering flipside 7 Angels With 7 Plagues to worldwide notoriety. The group found further success with it's politically-charged releases Police State in 2005 and their landmark LP Era Of Diversion which released to critical acclaim in 2008, along with originals and collaborations on the legendary Lifted Music label. After a fair bit of live and DJ touring Evol Intent returned in 2011 with their anthem Paradize City, and followed with EPs Cruise Control and collaborative release The Sausage Party with Milwaukee-based producers Gein. In 2013 came the runaway hit The Liquid, a joint effort with production gods Noisia, and after a string of free releases online the Under The Radar EP dropped in late 2014, along with another Noisia collaboration Long Gone on their Vision Recordings imprint.

Along the way Evol Intent has had their work featured in videos games such as EA Sport's Need For Speed Most Wanted, and on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim promo bumpers. Not only known for their originals, Evol Intent have remixed many other artist's works along the way, more notably Shiny Toy Guns, Raekwon of the Wu-Tang Clan, BT, Black Sun Empire, and Dieselboy. The guys have collaborated with countless artists such as Noisia, Mayhem, Spor, Ewun, The Upbeats, The Sound Of Animals Fighting, jazz legend Bill Laswell and hardcore rocker Aaron Bedard of Bane.

Aside from production, group-member Gigantor hosts the Evolcast podcast series every two months, featuring a mixset often containing sneak peeks of the group's unreleased music. Along with the Evolcast Gigantor has taken up the reigns for most of the DJ touring for the group, continuing to bring music to fans worldwide.

Plus support from:
Droosie & Sayzar

Doors at 8pm

Baltimore Soundstage
124 Market Pl
Baltimore, MD

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(Friday) October 28, 2016

Freaks Come Out At Night feat. Spor with Dieselboy & Evol Intent

Baltimore Soundstage 124 Market Pl Baltimore, MD United States

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