Bird On The Wire presents: CIVIL CIVIC | The Victoria

Bird On The Wire presents: CIVIL CIVIC | The Victoria Folder

(Saturday) November 26, 2016 - 20:00

The Victoria - 451 Queensbridge Road (Map)

31 people attended

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Civil Civic

Like a celestial shaft of aural light beamed from unknown futures or a diamond-cutting laser first illuminating and then slicing to shreds the darkest corners of the subconscious, Civic Civic create a musical experience that is totally immersive. Like musical synaesthesia, theirs is a visceral experience to be smelled, tasted, explored, survived. They sound like no other.

Civil Civic are a soundtrack band, but instead of scoring films, it is the human experience for which they are creating music. We could bandy certain genre-tags around at this point – majestic futurist prog, epic math-rock, electro-goth, post-rock, glacier-sized chillwave – but none squarely hit the mark. Let’s just note that their architecture is comprised of serotonin-drenched soundscapes, synth arpeggios, digital crescendos and deep bass troughs. It is post-punk rendered with a classicist’s touch; perhaps ‘post-everything’ might be a better description.

Now with their second album due out in October, the Melbourne-spawned instrumental duo look inwards. The Test is a sound mirror held up to the soul, reflecting back both the beauty and ugliness. It is, the band say, “an emotional rollercoaster, with all the teeth-grinding joy and unbridled fear that can be experienced by a self-aware lump of meat flying through space.” It is, they elaborate, “systematic dance inquiry into the epicentre of the human psyche.”

Doors 8:00pm
Tickets £7.50 +bf adv. available from

The Victoria
451 Queensbridge Road, London, E8 3AS

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(Saturday) November 26, 2016

Bird On The Wire presents: CIVIL CIVIC | The Victoria

The Victoria 451 Queensbridge Road London, United Kingdom

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