BOTW presents: QUILT / Wovoka Gentle / James Canty | Moth Club

BOTW presents: QUILT / Wovoka Gentle / James Canty | Moth Club Folder

(Tuesday) November 15, 2016 - 20:00

MOTH CLUB - Valette Street (Map)

38 people attended

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Wovoka Gentle
James Canty

Plaza is the third album by Quilt; a name implying a meeting place, a crossroads, a coming together. In the space of ten songs, the album clarifies the band’s musical stance of a congregation, mixing folk, pop-psych, and wanderlust into a common ground where each form takes on the characteristics of one another to create something wholly satisfying, styles and sentiments hand in hand, the purest and sharpest distillation of their group aesthetic to date.

The guitars shimmer, squawk, warble, swell, and tense up. The organs and synths flow in the background as mood-enhancers. The drums dig in a little deeper. We hear flutes and harps, a string quartet, grand pianos and Casios, feedback and distorted violas. Among all these sounds the group’s shared and solo vocals showcase some of the strongest lyrics and hooks the band has made to date.

Quilt played a stunning show to a full house in Hoxton earlier this year; we’re pleased to have them back in November, this time at Moth Club.

Wovoka Gentle
Wovoka Gentle are Imogen Mason, Ellie Mason and William J. Stokes. Wovoka Gentle launched their first EP, Wovoka Gentle [Yellow], via Yucatan Records in July 2015 with a sold out show at London's Cecil Sharp House. Their next EP Wovoka Gentle [Blue] followed in November 2015 with a sold out show at Electrowerkz. Third EP Wovoka Gentle [Red], produced by Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Depeche Mode, Interpol) was released on October 7th 2016.

James Canty

Doors 8:00pm
Tickets £9.00 +bf adv. available from

Valette Street, London, E9 6NU

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(Tuesday) November 15, 2016

BOTW presents: QUILT / Wovoka Gentle / James Canty | Moth Club

MOTH CLUB Valette Street Hackney, United Kingdom

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