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(Wednesday) October 26, 2016 - 21:00

Mattatoio Culture Club - via Rodolfo Pio 4 (Map)

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Mercoledì 26 Ottobre 2016
Mattatoio Culture Club presenta:
THE WANDS (DK/Fuzz Club Records)

Apertura ore 21.00
Inizio Live ore 22.00
Ingresso 5 Euro con tessera Arci
In the European Psych scene, you have neo-psych bands, and then you have The Wands: a band that isn’t neo-psych as much as it is truly psychedelic. As with others in the scene, the spirit of The Wands emerges from the 60s and 70s—but their ability to reach into the psychedelic heart of those musical time periods is simply unparalleled by other bands.

The genius of The Wands lies in their ability to recreate an ambience and take absolute control of it. Their music swells with exhilaratingly rich and expansive sound as they conjure acidy soundscapes, but unlike other revivalists, they show a bold and different take on traditional ‘psych’—making you wonder if this is how psychedelic music was meant to be all along.
The Wands signed to Fuzz Club Records in 2012; since then, they’ve released an EP, have played prestigious festivals such as Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and Eurosonic, and are about to release a debut album before embarking on a 7-week UK/European tour. One can try to describe The Wands, but after all, they’re truly psychedelic—to fully immerse yourself in The Wands experience, you have to see them live.


(Wednesday) October 26, 2016

The Wands [email protected] Culture Club

Mattatoio Culture Club via Rodolfo Pio 4 Carpi, Italy

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