Valhalla Soundclash 2016 //Mortal Kombat vs Rising Hope vs G-Spot//

Valhalla Soundclash 2016 //Mortal Kombat vs Rising Hope vs G-Spot// Folder

(Saturday) November 19, 2016 - 15:00

Hannibal Après - Am Kreuzeckbahnhof 13 (Map)

133 people attended

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InnFaya sound & Hannibal Apres is proud to anounce the first edition of Valhalla Soundclash in Garmisch/Germany.

Line up:

G-SPOT (Austria)

hosting by Andi Glockwork

Time table:
17:00 Sound meeting & BBQ @ Hotel Schöne Aussicht
22:00 Transfer to the clash venue (Hannibal Apres)
22:00 Warm up Glockwork posse
24:00 Clash
------> Afterparty by InnFaya Sound + winner set

Valhalla Soundclash in Garmisch/GER Hannibal Après!
Who will take the crown and call himself the champion in the hall of VALHALLA?
We have three mighty sounds challenging each other Rising Hope vs Mortal Kombat vs G-Spot!
Wicked combination and entertainment guaranteed!!
Since the clash is in Garmisch, midst in the mountains, we have a special hotel combo for you. For 40 EUROS per person/night you get the clash ticket and one night in a cosy hotel inclusive breakfast & transport to the clash! For every additional night it's 30 Euros per person/night inclusive breakfast (So you might want to do some holiday). Garmisch is the place to catch some nature and relax and close to many nice places to visit, so you might want to do a little holiday there. Hiking, biking etc. many things are possible.
We will also organize a sound meeting in the afternoon with barbecue (which is not in the price included), it’s all about having a good time. Jo support the thing this is going to be mad! Big up the sounds taking up the challenge clashing against each other, looking forward to this and looking forward for all the support of all clash fans and would be happy to see many faces!! For hotel bookings & tickets just contact me! Blessings Josh / InnFaya Sound

Promoter contact:
Joshua Wellinger
[email protected]

Venue + Hotel information:
Hannibal Apres -->
Schöne Aussicht -->


Presale tickets soon available
Ticket price:
40,00 € Hotel with Breakfast & Clash-Ticket
(for hotel-reservations pls contact me personally)
15,00 € only Clash-Ticket

(Saturday) November 19, 2016

Valhalla Soundclash 2016 //Mortal Kombat vs Rising Hope vs G-Spot//

Hannibal Après Am Kreuzeckbahnhof 13 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

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