Ecstatic Dance Benefit - Hurricane Matthew Haitian Relief

Ecstatic Dance Benefit - Hurricane Matthew Haitian Relief Folder

(Thursday) November 03, 2016 - 19:00

The WOW Hall - 291 W 8th Ave (Map)

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What: Community Ecstatic Dance – A Benefit for Hurricane Matthew in Haiti Relief
When: Thursday, November 3 2016, 7:15 to 9 pm
Where: WOW Hall 8th and Lincoln (291 E 8th Eugene) Eugene, OR
Donations: all donations are voluntary, $5 to $20 suggested
For More information: Mike [email protected] 541-222-0632

Hurricane Matthew — the most brutal Caribbean storm in a decade — devastated Haiti. And, when disaster strikes, children are the most vulnerable.
In fact, more than 500,000 kids are menaced by this catastrophe and its dangerous aftermath. Eighty percent of homes in the most affected region have been damaged or destroyed. Nearly 16,000 people are living in shelters. Hundreds of schools are out of commission. Cholera cases are growing daily, making safe, clean water a top priority.
Join us for a dance benefit for relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew
Ecstatic dance in its most basic definition is free-form movement where we allow our bodies to express without an agenda or concern for aesthetics. It’s a moving meditation practice that merges inner with outer worlds. It encourages and celebrates connection between body and spirit, letting both be your teachers.

Ecstatic dance is a place to drop out of judging yourself and others and escape from any performative tendencies. It's designed to gently unhinge yourself from your ego and any stories you may have about needing to do it right . Instead, it's about being present with your own energy and discovering physical expression that doesn't originate from the intellect. Movement which may help liberate patterns and limitations in your body, mind and emotional landscape.

No dance experience or partner is necessary. It's a perfect outlet for those who think they can't dance. It's not a social dance. It's not about having rhythm, being graceful, looking good or doing it right. What a relief! It's an invitation to explore your relationship to your body and to the moment on an open dance floor where you can move in new and perhaps unconventional ways.

Ecstatic dance happens in an environment free from judgement and conversation where you can feel safe and supported to get out of your head, try new things and really push your envelope if you so choose. You are invited to dance solo, with the floor, with the walls with others and with the molecules in the room. Be silly, playful or dramatic. Stay true to yourself but don't get in your own way!

An opening circle helps us connect and create an intentional container. A musical wave then facilitates your journey. Each week a guest DJ will provide a musical landscape for free-form exploration. The music begins and ends slowly with the majority of the “wave” being uptempo, joyful songs. Talking on the dance floor is replaced by other forms of expression - physical, emotional and occasionally verbal - though free from words. In our closing circle we share our experiences and feelings. A time and place to harvest and celebrate what we've created.

Ecstatic dances are non-alcoholic, all-ages events open to all variations of physical abilities. Alter spaces and art installations enrich the experience. Ecstatic dance provides an opportunity in which community building and spiritual exploration occur through the creative use of free-form physical expression.

(Thursday) November 03, 2016

Ecstatic Dance Benefit - Hurricane Matthew Haitian Relief

The WOW Hall 291 W 8th Ave Eugene, OR United States

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Audion, Nathan Detroit, Ben Tactic
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