29.10 | Room26 In da House presents : Davide Ruberto

29.10 | Room26 In da House presents : Davide Ruberto Folder

(Saturday) October 29, 2016 - 20:00

Room 26 - Piazza G.Marconi 31 (Map)

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Saturday 29th October - h 23.00
Dj Resident: Paolo POMPEI | Flavio RAGO
Guest: Davide Ruberto

Something About:
Born in Rimini in Italy, David became interested in music very young with the piano.Almost caught by his passion, he began to feel restricted by classical
and modern approaches to a genre. At 17, already a sideman for several Italian singers on the Italian scene but after some years of experience in the
Italian pop music change anything electronic music captures him so that his attention shifts to the world of clubs. The interest is so strong that David
seeks an original way to be part of it: being a musician, the first idea is to bring the console in sampler and keyboard to interact with the DJ and his
music selection. His career began in 1987 in Rimini Cellophane reference room of young people of the coast where, thanks to the sampler keyboard and
electronic percussion, dance remixes live some of the best productions of that time and beyond. In the summer of 1988 the great opportunity! .....
The Byblos Club at Misano, the reference room in Italy, wants him as a resident performer and from that moment on, his art becomes a real profession.
For a time, works in a Radio Dee jay and Italy together with Jovanotti.Davide Ruberto Today he performs with his work station in the best Italian clubs,
Space 900 Altravida Rome one of them. His drum solos and keyboards remix live a unique and unmistakable sound, they've always delivered the consent of
the public and the DJs.David, in addition to being an accomplished performer, is known worldwide as a producer and remixer we should mention Laguna Spiller
& Tommy Vee and Ricky Montanari with various productions and collaborations with the best underground DJ scene.Its Silos Studio located in Riccione,
a popular place of Italian dj producer.His fame led him across the ocean for a few years, specifically in Los Angeles, where he produced and remixed
records for Columbia, Reprise, Sony, Warner Bros, A & M, Tribal, Scotti Bros ... ... .... and remixed stars like Cher, James Brown, Joni Mitchell,
Dina Carroll, George Duke, Ce Ce Peniston.
P.za Guglielmo Marconi, n°31 - Rome
ph. +39 333 42 89 202

(Saturday) October 29, 2016

29.10 | Room26 In da House presents : Davide Ruberto

Room 26 Piazza G.Marconi 31 Rome, Italy

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