Mai [email protected]: Dance, Words, Arts & live music/ Hackney Wick.

Mai Sunday@Grow: Dance, Words, Arts & live music/ Hackney Wick. Folder

(Sunday) November 20, 2016 - 13:00

Grow, Hackney - 98C Wallis Road, Main Yard, Hackney Wick (Map)

63 people attended

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Mai Nguyen Tri @ Grow. Dancing with words, art & sounds and Fear Of Fluffing and Ampersands live.

Mai will be joined by:

AFTERNOON from 1pm.:
DJ Xuan Sinden
DJ Cal Mc Cullough
and more tbc throughout the afternoon...

2 pm:
Mai Nguyen Tri
Sunshine Faggio.
Conrad Armstrong

POETRY AND DANCE performance:
Tension . POETRY by Conrad Amstrong and DANCE by Mai Butoh Dance.
MUSIC by Xuan Sinden.
(review of our previous performance of Tension at the Saatchii Gallery:

by Joel Smith.

by Joe Oldfield. ( Voice & Guitar)

from 4.30:
POETRY and LIVE MUSIC performance by:
Grassy Noel & The Great ImproVisarios APE
Grassy Noel; Vocalizations
Paul Shearsmith: Trumpet, Percussion, Pipes
Mike Walter: Saxophone;
Keisukei Matsui: Guitar and Found Sounds

Sam Amant,( solo voice performance)



SCULPTURES by Stuart Glenday, resident artist at Grow.

and music by DJ Xuan Sinden and DJ Cal Mc Cullough.

EVENING from 6.30pm to 10.30:

LIVE BANDS: and DANCE performance by Mai Butoh Dance.

6.30 to 7.30:
-AMPERSAND. live band performance.

break with Music DJ music.

9 to 10.15
-FEAR OF FLUFFING. live band performance.
psychadelic experimental music.

Closing with:
DJ music selection and own original compositions by
Xuan Sinden Back to back with Cal Mc Cullough

London based improvisers of industrial ambient noise, Ampersand are an improvisational sound ensemble who have performed across Europe over the last nine years. They produce an experience of sound to envelop the audience in the act of the moment and the art of the moment. This uniquely pan-generational group utilises found objects, engineered metal, deconstructed traditional instruments and audio toys. Ampersand performances are always improvised, they arise thus from the moment, the place, the atmosphere, the occurrences of that day. The sound, and the experience of that sound are imposed on all the senses, to share with the audience a charged and superlayered emotional state.

Ampersand are Brian Bushell, Joseph Oldfield, Stephen Oldfield and Paul Wells.

Hackney Wick based improvisers of psychadelic experimental music. The band is famously known for their impromtu and thrilling performances in the streets of Hackney and have now become the Cult band of Hackney Wick and the East Of London. their performance are visually stunning and complimented by out of this world extra-ordinary costumes which equally match their music.

Fear Of Fluffing are David Le Fleming, James Manning, Arran Bolders, and Reuben Sutherland.

Nguyen Tri Mai is a Franco -Vietnamese dance artist. For the last 20 years, she has drawn her inspiration from the waters, back and fro between the Brittany coasts, its salt marshes and the river, pools and canals of the East End of London.

Mixing her Butoh dancing spirit with her passion for improvising with live music, Mai loves to express her intense movements in the moment, bring light to a space with her explosiveness. Mai has collaborated with musicians, film -makers and photographers and specializes in site- specific and outdoor performances.

Mai's COSTUMES are designed by:
LEYRE/ LOLA MOLA, event florist.

CONRAD AMSTRONG: is a visual artist, poet, performer, event organiser of the Sunday Services/ Vicious Circle Headquarters where Mai regularly performs. He is also an activist in the Save Hackney Wick/ Fish Island campaign.
Mai and Conrad have previously collaborated linking art/poetry/music and dance.
see links:

Geodesic structures are fundamental to nature. They represent a design strategy utilised by many natural forms, including capsid viruses, planktonic micro-organisms and the seeds and spores of plant life. Drawing on his experience of the world as a Geoscientist, Stuart Glenday explores the aesthetics and symmetry of these fundamental forms through an exploration of pattern, colour and design tessellation. Geodesic structures are a clue for us. They hint towards a flaw in our perception of an apparently Cartesian universe. They are a signpost to a reality where the values of Pi and the Golden Ratio do not extend to infinity, where circles can be defined perfectly, and where the multi-dimensional nature of the real universe is not confined to the periphery of our imagination

Sunshine Faggio is an Italian poet and translator. She has a BA Degree and a MA in Translation Studies. She has two collections of poems published in Italy(2009 and 2012). In the last years, she has started to combine poetry with performance art. The most outstanding result of this artistic research was the body performance Humans, showed at the Hackney Wicked Art Festival 2011 and at the Yard Theatre in October 2011 ( Some of her English poems have been published on the American liteary e-zine The Scramblers. Sunshine took part to various Italian literary prizes, winning several awards among which the publication of her third collection of poems, due in early 2013. She writes a blog and lives in London, where she works part-time in the field of education, dedicating the rest of her time to the activity of writing, melting it with painting and performance art, and literary translation. In the English capital she organizes bi-monthly poetry readings to which took part many of the habitués of London spoken word circuit.

About Grow, Hackney:
Carved out of what was once a sausage factory, Grow, Hackney has been transformed into an independent bar, restaurant and creative space. Hidden in a yard in the heart of Hackney Wick and backing onto the canal, it was built by a small team and is operating as an experiment in ethical and sustainable business. It's a space for music, art, conversation and good food where everyone is welcome.

Find us at Grow, 98C Main Yard, Wallis Road, Hackney Wick, E9 5LN. Just two minutes walk from Hackney Wick Overground and 15 mins walk from Stratford.

(Sunday) November 20, 2016

Mai [email protected]: Dance, Words, Arts & live music/ Hackney Wick.

Grow, Hackney 98C Wallis Road, Main Yard, Hackney Wick London, United Kingdom

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