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(Sunday) February 19, 2017 - 19:00

The Waterfront Norwich - 139-141 King Street (Map)

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Pitching up anywhere and everywhere from New York’s Central Park, to Australian beaches, to Amsterdam side-alleys, the Irishman with the milk-bottle skin, overlong fringe and “creative” dress sense operates like a man possessed. Music matters to him.With the tenacity of a door-to-door salesman and the passion of an Evangelical preacher, he will go anywhere and do anything to play.

Bry’s story begins in down at the heel Dublin pubs and clubs where he performed in a succession of bands before taking a notion to travel to every single country in the world. Setting up a YouTube channel (BriBryontour) to let family and friends know how he was getting on in his travels, one late night abroad he uploaded a video of himself playing one of his own songs and everything changed.

Hundreds, then thousands, then hundreds of thousands of new subscribers tuned in to hear his music. Forging a very real connection with his followers through personalised videos, Question and Answer web chats and specially curated online sessions, his confidence grew and his repertoire expanded.

His songs have a rare luminous beauty that connect on a personal level.Though not known to the mainstream music media, his name has been mentioned in dispatches and when his music landed on uber-producer Greg Wells’ desk, there was an immediate positive response – within minutes in fact.They worked together through December to create Bry’s debut album.

Bry is not some ditzy social media brat.What drew hundreds of thousands of people to him - and what still does to this day - is music that is fresh, dynamic and reflective of his personality.

Bry’s songs may soar out of the stratosphere, but they are always grounded in his appealing and confessional type of introspection.

Support from:

Tessa Violet

Dave Giles + Danny Gruff

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(Sunday) February 19, 2017

Bry **rescheduled**

The Waterfront Norwich 139-141 King Street Norwich, United Kingdom

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