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(Saturday) December 10, 2016 - 23:00

Ampere - Simonsstraat 21 (Map)

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After last year’s legendary R&S weekender, we couldn’t resist inviting the label over for a second round. Founded by Renaat Vandepapeliere in the early 80’s the label has ever since changed the music landscape, domestically and abroad. Providing solid releases time after time with the likes of the industries greatest. Expect a musical journey with forward thinking music for an entire night.


James Ruskin

Growing up in London and having been in the music business for more than 15 years now, James Ruskin is considered as one of the pioneers of British electronic dance music. With releases on his own imprint: Blueprint aswell as Coda and Tresor, he has gained a worldwide reputation for setting new standards in production techniques. James´ DJ skills have secured him a number of international tours throughout the world aswell as playing at some of the world´s best venues such as La Real (Spain), Tresor, Berghain, U60311 (Frankfurt), to name a few. His last album “The Dash“ was released on tresor in 2008. Together with Regis, James is a member of the incredible O/V/R project.

Resident Advisor: http://bit.ly/2fi9eVQ
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2ffmb5a

Levon Vincent

When it comes to house music there’s been something of a renaissance in New York City these past few years, and one of its main advocates is Levon Vincent. As a club- goer, he cut his teeth during the pre-Giuliani New York heyday, where a vibrant scene was helping to push the elegant sound that would become known as NY house forward – and Levon witnessed it all first-hand. Working his way up through landmarks like Sugar Reef (of Sugar Babies fame) or Pat Field’s Boutique, and record stores such as Kim’s, Tower, and Music Exchange, Levon joined a long, proud lineage of fringe arts based around New York’s downtown culture. Ten years later, in 2001, he began to work at the legendary Halcyon record shop in Brooklyn. Halcyon, which doubled as a café, was more than just a record store – it was a place where music aficionados could sit and exchange ideas while listening to the music they love. With a meaty sound-system and their friendly and open policy, the shop soon became a hub for NY’s most passionate dance enthusiasts. It was here that Levon met his future Deconstruct label partner Anthony Parasole, as well as DJ Jus-Ed; who subsequently went on to start the Underground Quality label – the label that has done so much to introduce their homegrown sounds to a global audience. Even artists from further a-field like Nina Kraviz or Anton Zap have UQ to thank for first promoting them.
By 2008, Levon began his own label, Novel Sound. He started with a bang: a certified hit in the form of the label’s first release, ‘These Games’ EP. It’s a 4-track EP and the release featured a song by Jus-Ed as well. Levon repaid the swap on Ed’s own label, with one of 2009’s biggest tracks, ‘Games Dub’. With his industrial clanging beats, Levon’s dubbed-out sound quickly found him supporters from scene veterans like Craig Richards and Berghain’s Marcel Dettmann. Soon after, Levon was invited to play at Fabric, Rex, Berghain, and of course the infamous Underground Quality party series at the now defunct Tape Club. As a producer, his immense focus and concentration come to a head in tracks that have attained anthemic status – the Ostgut Ton release ‘Late Night Jam’, with its driving chord-stabs, sits as comfortably in a percussive UK bass set as it does in any pumping techno set – as demonstrated by Pearson Sound on last year’s massive FABRICLIVE 56.
“In the 80s, I had some VCRs, a record player and a dual cassette deck. I had a group of friends at that time and we were really interested in DJing and making beats, we would combine various songs and recordings to make new songs and then combine those to make new mixes; stuff like, recording a spoken word track playing over Mr. Fingers or add movie dialogue to another record. We loved the dirty version of I’ll House You, ‘I’ll Hump You’. I remember us all agreeing on that record. Soul II Soul had a big impact, too. I regularly slip-up and refer to podcasts as “mix tapes”, maybe because it’s nostalgic or something. It still sounds right to me. Mix tapes are one of the very coolest things to come from Generation-X. After hearing or maybe reading about how Nitzer Ebb were doing their music I remember asking my mom to bring me to the Sam Ash store on 48th to get a sampler, not knowing the price of the things! Upwards of $10k! A few years later I did eventually get a used Ensoniq EPS-1, which was a more affordable semi-pro sampler. I think it was a popular piece of equipment, it was certainly a step up from my Casio SK-1… Many producers probably remember using the EPS-1 fondly.”

Resident Advisor: http://bit.ly/2ehFNkA
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2fl0PiO
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1NmT5HK

Paula Temple

A self-confessed Noisician, Paula Temple obliterated 2014 with ‘Deathvox’, her second monumental release for the legendary label R&S. Her debut ‘Colonized’ EP made one of biggest statements in 2013 for uncompromising techno, followed by remixes for avant-electronic acts The Knife, Perera Elsewhere and Planningtorock. Such refreshing high-voltage output has rapidly placed Paula Temple at the forefront of new techno.

Previously she released ‘Speck of The Future’ appearing on Jeff Mill’s ‘Exhibitionist’ album and techno vanguard Chris McCormack’s Materials label. In her early days, Paula Temple co-developed the innovative live performance midi controller MXF8, one of the first of its kind, which she took on the ‘Mind and Machine’ tour for three years.

Her HYBRID live/dj sets have become a sensation in such scene bastions as Tresor, Berghain and I Love Techno. Her first full live AV show NONAGON with Jem The Misfit, set in 9 parts, was premiered at ADE 2014 receiving high acclaim.

2015 has already witnessed stellar performances at BLOC, Kozzmozz and London’s Convergence Festival, with a forthcoming mini tour of USA including two dates at Movement Detroit. A double remix for Fink has yet again demonstrated why Paula Temple is much sought after for remix productions. For her record label Noise Manifesto she has just launched a very special and unique collaboration series called Decon/Recon with select showcase events only. Her third release for R&S Records is currently in production at the studio, plus a split release for a Berlin based label to be revealed later this year.

Resident Advisor: http://bit.ly/2ffkC7f
Facebook: http://bit.ly/1fB6hIP
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1bawk9U


Manchester’s Joe McBride pens elaborate, emotive & intellectual soundscapes, drawing in influences across a spectrum of bass culture and electronica. Having released with Exit Records, Brownswood, Styrax, Auxiliary & Med School, as well as remixes for Model 500, Snow Patrol, Lowb & a plethora more, Synkro has most recently found a home at R&S sister label ‘Apollo’. Major support for Synkro’s music has come from names like Chris Coco, Giles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Prefuse 73 and dBridge. A truly staple artist in the timeline of UK Bass.

Resident Advisor: http://bit.ly/2ffMt4N
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2eDbAgM
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1EIJxEs

Tickets: http://bit.ly/2c65GUi
Resident Advisor: http://bit.ly/2f4nUah

Simonsstraat 1, 2018 Antwerp

Tickets available on: http://ampere-antwerp.com/tickets/

(Saturday) December 10, 2016

R&S Records In order to dance Antwerp

Ampere Simonsstraat 21 Antwerp, Belgium

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