Northern Lights Sound + Jimmy Splif Sound // Dancehall Maniac

Northern Lights Sound + Jimmy Splif Sound // Dancehall Maniac Folder

(Friday) December 09, 2016 - 23:00

Vibra Club - Via 4 novembre, 40/a (Map)

30 people attended

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Venerdi 9 Dicembre
Dancehall maniac!!!
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NORTHERN LIGHTS sound system The lights weh a shine bright
Est. 1999
Founded in 1999, after 17 years of activity Northern Lights sound system is still on top of his game, gaining fans, ratings and bookings all over Italy and Europe.
Based in the little city called Udine (up in the Far East Italy as they love to call it) Northern Lights started as a real sound system: in every NL dancehall they use to (and still do) ”string up their own amplifiers and speaker boxes. Years after years they organized hundreds of Reggae Dancehall gigs and setted the trend for many other sounds to follow.
Back in 2004 NL did his debut in the sound clash arena against I Shence and after few italian clashes they joined the international arena by clashing sounds like: Heartical (France), Soundbwoy Destiny (Germany), Magash (Switzerland), Warrior (Germany), Foundation (Holland).
After a 3 years stop, in 2014 the lights weh a shine bright got successfully back in the soundclash arena with a lock off perfomance in the competition called Royal City Clash that took place in Turin on may 2014. Defending the Royal title against B.I.D. from Losanne, Switzerland was the first task for 2016 which saw dem victorious with another lock off sentence.
The follwing clash, 3 months later this time in Padoa against Rootsman from Canada, ended up with the same result; once again, for the third time in a row Northern Lights managed to win every single round and never let the opponent reach the “dub fi dub” segment.
As the years go by this sound is getting stronger and stronger and ready to conquer every arena, dancehall and massive.
2016, “we just do things”, Northern Lights leads!
[email protected]
facebook: NORTHERN LIGHTS sound system instagram: @northernlights_sound
twitter: NL_sound
soundcloud: northern-lights-sound-ita mixcloud: NL_sound

(Friday) December 09, 2016

Northern Lights Sound + Jimmy Splif Sound // Dancehall Maniac

Vibra Club Via 4 novembre, 40/a Modena, Italy

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