XGB#8 meets Distorted Perception w/ Objection DJ-Set

XGB#8 meets Distorted Perception w/ Objection DJ-Set Folder

(Friday) December 02, 2016 - 23:00

Club Cubique - Karmelitergasse 21 (Map)

26 people attended

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xGOBANG! Das x steht für alle normal Wahnsinnigen und wahnsinnig Normalen, die sich durch harten, schnellen Techno berührt und verbunden fühlen. Egal, ob digital oder analog. Unsere DJs sprechen mit ihrem Style, also ihrer Technik, Erfahrung, und Musikauswahl und nicht mit Hypes, BPM-Zahlen und Bühnenshow. Wir freuen uns auf eine rauschige Begegnung! Let’s GO BANG!

Dieses mal dürfen wir die Betreiber des Mannheimer Techno-Label Distorted Perception begrüßen. Welcome Objection:

Objection, two performers who represent energetic, analogue techno in its purest form.

The sound of Objection is atmospherically gloomy, driving and raw, while still remaining a positive vibe. An electrifying, highly energetic mix, that emerges from their great love of detail. Born in moment and always evolving.

Inspired by artists such as Terence Fixmer, Subjected, Tommy Four Seven und Adam X, the two have released on labels like Contrast-R and Distorted Perception.

With their own label Distorted Perception, Dario Böhl and Robert Mühldorfer have created a platform for individual and innovative techno, as well as high-quality productions. This has generated support from international artists, such as Chris Liebing, Jonas Kopp, Inigo Kennedy, Giorgio Gigl and Raphael Dincsoy.

Objection – innovative and passionate techno with a desire for more!

LINE UP (alphabetisch):

█ Dubbel Vla _ xgb

█ Objection _ Distorted Perception

█ Saha _ xgb

(Friday) December 02, 2016

XGB#8 meets Distorted Perception w/ Objection DJ-Set

Club Cubique Karmelitergasse 21 Innsbruck, Austria

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