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(Friday) December 16, 2016 - 23:00

Corsica Studios - 4/5 Elephant Road (Map)

206 people attended

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After an amazing debut down at Corsica Studios on Bonfire Night and the incredible feedback we’ve had from you all, it feels like it would be rude for us not to fit one more in before Christmas. On December 16th, Flux will be returning to Corsica with a lineup befitting of the festive season. Joining us in Room 1 will be Mojuba head honcho Sven Weisemann alongside Berlin-based producer Andre Lodemann, and our resident Desert Sound Colony. In Room 2, we are thrilled to be joined by legendary Italian Daniele Baldelli and Flux’s very own man-of-the-moment Dan Shake.


Room 1:
Andre Lodemann (Innervisions, Germany)
Sven Weisemann (Mojuba, Germany)
Desert Sound Colony (Scissor & Thread, UK)

Room 2:
Daniele Baldelli (Cosmic, Italy)
Dan Shake (Mahogani, UK)
Pool Tax (Flux)


£8 - Early birds - Sold out
£10 - 2nd release - Sold out
£12 - 3rd release - On sale
£15 - On the door

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Despite his young age, Weisemann has been DJing since 1997. His musical influences ranges from Classic, Soundtracks, Soul and Jazz, Deep House and Dub to his beloved Detroit Techno and US House. As a producer, his music draws deeply on the legacy of Chicago and Detroit, yet somehow manages to end up sounding as fresh as a daisy - records such as 'Vibe' and 'Slices' are house music that is half atmosphere and half beats, and not afraid to take its sweet time to lull the floor with their charms. A self-taught musician who plays piano, acoustic guitar and percussion, Weisemann also composes jazz and soundtracks - traditions which also inform his house records no doubt, many of which you can find on Meanwhile, House Café Music, Apple Pips, Kann, a.r.t.less, Wandering, Liebe*Detail, Real Soon, Styrax Leaves, Essays, Freund Der Familie, Fauxpas Musik, Echocord, Delsin, Telrae, Just Another Beat and especially Mojuba, where Weisemann's music slots together with friends Nick Solé and Oracy to form a distinct, and highly collectible, label sound.


Berlin based André Lodemann has been a DJ for more than 20 years. In 2001 he started to produce music releasing 12-inches and remixes on Moods n Grooves, Simple Records, G-Stone, Room with a View, Z Records, Freerange, Buzzinfly, DFTD amongst others. His tunes ‘Where are you now?’ and ‘The Light’ became hugely popular with the worldwide underground DJ circuit. Other highlights include remixes for Tracey Thorn, Omar, Akabu, Phonique and Vakula to name a few. Citing his greatest influences as Masters at Work, Mateo and Matos, Kerri Chandler and François Kevorkian, Lodemann’s musical vision is to create atmosphere, arouse emotion and touch people musically. In May 2012 Lodemann released his first album ‘FRAGMENTS’ on his own imprint Best Works Records. It is a showcase of an incredible creative output of an artist determined to create emotional music off the beaten track avoiding typical building blocks and tacky software gimmicks. The double CD album encompasses both his own work with material released on labels incl. Freerange, Room with A View and his own. As well as remixes done for different artists. Andre Lodemann feels secure in both a warm deep house feeling aswell as in a brisk techy vibe not only in his productions but also behind the decks. His latest EP “Leaving the Comfort Zone” was released on Innvervisions on August 28th, 2015.


1969 saw the professional birth of Daniele Baldelli. It all started, almost by chance, when he was a youngster. He was discovered by a talent scout who was the owner of the TANA CLUB DISCOTEQUE (and had been in France, where he had seen some music bars called: discotheques). So he was interviewed by the disco owner who offered him the job of “putting on the records” as the word Disc-Jockey, at least in Italy, hadn’t been coined yet). COSMIC opened in 1979 in Lazise on Lake Garda. Very soon the fame of “COSMIC” spread over and within a few months reached the provinces of Verona, Brescia and Mantua. The disco within a year, became the meeting point for all “trends” and remained so from 1979 to 1984. All of the trend setters of the Peninsula booked a Saturday evening at “COSMIC”, anxious to participate and listen to that musical phenomenon labelled “AFRO”. Naturally, even if it is still used today, this term was inappropriate, unless one considers Afro as the only root which influenced the various musical styles of Daniele Baldelli. Daniele Baldelli’s Afro style was expressed when he played Ravel’s Bolero overlapping it with a track by Africa Djola, or an experimental piece by Steve Reich on which he would mix a Malinke chant from New Guinea. Even if largely emulated or taken as a reference point, the Daniele Baldelli of that period was only: fruit of his fantasy, musical passion and his technical research, which allowed him to be creative and experiment with various styles without following set patterns or models. Without doubt, one can say that Daniele Baldelli was the precursor, to what is known as today, as the dee-jay.


Perhaps best known as the first ever non-Detroit artist to be signed to Moodymann’s prestigious label Mahogani Music, London based Dan Shake has been making his mark on dance-floors all over Europe, both with his distinctive productions and his expertise in working a crowd. The former Leeds student secured the feat in a charmingly anachronistic fashion: having just watched Kenny Dixon Jr perform alongside the 3 Chairs at Dimensions Festival, Dan simply handed over a demo CD with a collection of unreleased tracks. Moodymann was hooked almost instantly, taking the first plunge on welcoming an outsider into his tight-knit crew of Detroit strong artists. Citing influence from the layered percussive rhythms of Afrobeat pioneers such as Tony Allen and Fela Kuti, the soul-drenched sampling of J Dilla and the kind of dark, dense grooves laid out by contemporary producers such as Flying Lotus and Motor City Drum Ensemble, Dan's situation in winding up on a label renowned for encompassing all those traits is obviously a blessing for the young producer.


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Tickets available on: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?900593

(Friday) December 16, 2016

Flux Christmas Party

Corsica Studios 4/5 Elephant Road London, United Kingdom

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