Bluetech, Dissisoma, Quicktemper at Aisle 5

Bluetech, Dissisoma, Quicktemper at Aisle 5 Folder

(Friday) January 27, 2017 - 21:00

Aisle 5 - 1123 Euclid Ave NE (Map)

78 people attended

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T-Weasy Presents...
w/ dissisoma, Quicktemper
Friday January 27
@ Aisle 5
$15adv / 9pm / All Ages
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Burrowing into liminal space, that forgotten zone between the organic and the inorganic, reality and surreality, that’s the place Bluetech calls home. Boundless cosmic beats stretch out across sprawling ambient soundscapes. Melodic strings pluck and shimmer; echoing voices expand and contract over the electronic landscape. You can’t pin down Evan Bartholomew, and there’s no sense trying.

Over a decade of releases has brought Bluetech’s music to fans of downtempo, future bass, and progressive electronic music, rife with emotional intent, and polyrhythmic percussion. From his homebase in the far-flung islands of Hawai’i, Bartholomew transcends the constructs normally associated with a calculated “electronic artist,” pursuing music with meaning and purpose. Choosing to spend his off-stage time meticulously tweaking precision productions, building the solar-powered studio of his dreams, running his music and arts webzine, or putting in time on his Critical Beats imprint —dedicated to preserving and protecting Earth’s remaining rainforests —Evan shirks preconceptions of fellow superstar producers.

There’s no bravado, no boasting;; just the gentle tendrils of careful composition stretching and seeking; awakening, inspiring, and delighting fans across the country and around the world. Bluetech’s forthcoming collection, Spacehop Chronicles Vol 1, sets out to explore a new realm of his unique music, pulling equally on his training as a classical musician with nomadic harmonic progressions and a deep awareness of music as a kinetic force with body moving beat mechanics, and as always, it’s all inside that space in-between.

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(Friday) January 27, 2017

Bluetech, Dissisoma, Quicktemper at Aisle 5

Aisle 5 1123 Euclid Ave NE Atlanta, GA United States

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