Bird On The Wire presents: TIM DARCY | The Lexington

Bird On The Wire presents: TIM DARCY | The Lexington Folder

(Monday) February 20, 2017 - 19:30

The Lexington - 96-98 Pentonville Road (Map)

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Tim Darcy

Saturday Night, the first proper solo album from Tim Darcy (Ought), comes from one of those crossroads-type moments in life where one has to walk to the edge before knowing which way to proceed. Darcy actually almost bailed on the session at the start of day one, but was thankfully convinced to make the jump and record a crop of songs he had been amassing over the years–an initial set, curated from a much wider catalogue of young songs. A personal meditation reveals itself across these songs as you feel a poetic, thoughtful person attempting to reconcile a schism, one that grows more expansive as Saturday Night flows along. It is a journey, but it’s a really fun, gratifying one; like a poem where you’re not supposed to know exactly how to feel at that last line and you’re left just bursting with a wonderful emptiness.

The album title comes in part from the nights and weekends when it was recorded: a six month period that overlapped with the recording of Ought’s second album where Darcy gathered with friends to record in the storage room of a commercial studio in Toronto. The result sounds like a person exploring his voice in a room full of people he trusts: joyful, shot through with struggle, unfakeably honest. Intimate and rollicking as a house show, delicate as a late-night phone call.

Born in Arizona, Tim Darcy made his way to both Colorado and New Hampshire before ending up in Montreal where he found university, the city’s rich DIY scene, and the other members of Ought. He began writing poetry as early as the third grade and performed often, and his first attempts at songwriting were him feeling around in the dark to set some of them to music. In Montreal, he played in various projects, his and others, before settling into a groove as the singer and guitarist of Ought.

Tim Darcy’s Saturday Night is out February 17th via Jagjaguwar. We’re delighted to be hosting his first solo London show at The Lexington just a few days after it’s release!

Doors 7:30pm
Tickets £9.00 +bf adv.

The Lexington
96 - 98 Pentonville Road, London, N1 9JB

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(Monday) February 20, 2017

Bird On The Wire presents: TIM DARCY | The Lexington

The Lexington 96-98 Pentonville Road London, United Kingdom

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