Bird On The Wire presents: Tonstartssbandht | Moth Club

Bird On The Wire presents: Tonstartssbandht | Moth Club Folder

(Monday) February 20, 2017 - 20:00

MOTH CLUB - Valette Street (Map)

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Andy and Edwin Mathis White are the duo known as Tonstartssbandht. Behind their made-up name (pronounced as tahn-starts-bandit) is almost a decade of sibling synergistic creative energy. The band began in August of 2007 in their hometown of Orlando, Florida. After spending their teenage years exploring the free landscape of improvised ensemble noise rock, they decided to focus their efforts on recording a few cover versions of songs from the Beach Boys’ Smiley Smile / Wild Honey. Trained as choristers in their youth, the two felt no apprehension at the vocal task at hand. Having never worked together as a duo, expectations were neutral, yet with only a few songs completed their natural cohesion lead the covers project to begin shifting toward creating originals. By the end of the month Andy and Edwin moved away to their new respective homes in Montreal and New York City.

In these two cities the band continued under the restraint of solo writing, recording, and emailed collaboration. The confined living environments necessitated a reliance on the power of choral vocal loops, sampled rhythms, and digital music media.

With a whole bunch of releases under their belt in the years that followed and having now moved back to Orlando in early 2016, the duo began working on new material in their home studio. Having hosted one half of the duo, Andy White, countless times in Mac DeMarco's touring band on guitar duties, we're pleased to bring him and his brother Edwin's project to the intimate Moth Club stage this Feb.

Doors 8:00pm
Tickets £8.00 +bf adv. available from

Valette Street, London, E9 6NU

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(Monday) February 20, 2017

Bird On The Wire presents: Tonstartssbandht | Moth Club

MOTH CLUB Valette Street Hackney, United Kingdom

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