Floor Rippers Element Jam

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(Wednesday) December 21, 2016 - 20:30

Hootananny Brixton - 95 Effra Road (Map)

31 people attended

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Floor Rippers's Element Jam
Mid monthly Hip Hop culture gathering with Music, Dance and Wordplay. The host of the evening bring together these multifaceted layers into one seamless ensemble. A space for Musicians, Dancers, MCs and community to get together, cypher, and jam in a melting pot of talent.


➽➽➽ All Style Dance Cypher all night 9pm-11.45pm
£50 Cash Prize!

➽➽➽Hosted by:
Amiir Rqitek

➽➽➽SPECIAL GUEST Anukuo Lorosae -
Born on the July 21st 1990 in Dili, East Timor (Asia).
Grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon, MC in three different languages mostly in Créole (Cape Vert) official language and Portuguese.
My first instance of hearing a beat, I instantly began to formulate and build my lyrical arsenal since then I have pushed myself and others to join me in my journey. Through HipHop the objective is to be able to tell my story and history.While pushing people to follow their destined path, motivate and encourage everyone to spread the positive message of HipHop and good vibes all round.

Floor Rippers with:
Drum: William Francis
Keys: Ashley Henry
Bass: David Mrakpor
Sax: TBC

Tomek Green

(Wednesday) December 21, 2016

Floor Rippers Element Jam

Hootananny Brixton 95 Effra Road London, United Kingdom

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