The Gallery Pres. Cedric Gervais

The Gallery Pres. Cedric Gervais Folder

(Friday) January 13, 2017 - 22:30

Ministry of Sound Club - 103 Gaunt Street (Map)

31 people attended

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Cedric Gervais
Pink Panda

103 – Girls Girls Girls:
DJ Flower
Letizia Carrera
Chloe Lopez

It’s with pleasure we welcome Monsieur Gervais for this eagerly anticipated Gallery debut, already established as a global player through success of tracks ‘Molly’ and ‘Summertime Sadness’ amongst others. The latter being a remix for Lana Del Rey which received a prestigious Grammy Award, Cedric’s credentials for rocking the party are without question – and arrives in London on the back of a collaboration set to achieve worldwide exposure once more. Together with fellow countryman David Guetta, ‘Would I Lie To You’ is a fun filled re-work of the namesake 1992 original and sure to be road tested here. The fact that Guetta himself chose to partner with Cedric is endorsement enough for a level of innovation always reflected in live DJ sessions. Just prepare those vocal chords for the sing along chorus!

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(Friday) January 13, 2017

The Gallery Pres. Cedric Gervais

Ministry of Sound Club 103 Gaunt Street London, United Kingdom

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