Freak-Bop Stew EP Launchaganza - Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co.

Freak-Bop Stew EP Launchaganza - Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co. Folder

(Friday) January 13, 2017 - 19:30

The Joiners - 141 St Mary Street (Map)

48 people attended

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Ever wondered what 'Freak-Bop' might be? Now's your chance to find the freak out.

TICKETS - £4 advance, £5 on the door

Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co., Southampton's best and only 'Freak-Bop' band, will be releasing their début EP release, 'Freak-Bop Stew'. It will place take on Friday 13th January 2017 at the Joiners, Southampton, the location of their first show back on 13th March 2016. We trust you'll remember the date....

There will be 3 other phenomenal local acts - Ruby Blue & the Chain, Notice to the Builder, and Robert Doherty. There will be curios and things of wonder on sale. There will be dancing. There will be a romancing of all things musical and theatrical. There will be good times. There will be experiences to remember for several lifetimes.

Where will you be?

Robert Doherty - 20:00
Notice to the Builder - 20:30
Ruby Blue & the Chain - 21:15
Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co. - 22:00

Robert Doherty is a solo performer and chanteur who embraces multiple genres of music. From Rock to Folk and everything in between. His guitar playing is soulful and thoughtful and at times bursts into a fury of ferocious strumming, while his octave-leaping vocals possess a delicate but forceful power.

He began his musical journey in Limerick in Ireland as a solo artist, with the 3 piece rock band Rogue and collaborating with a number of local musicians. In the past 5 years he has gigged extensively, with much of the past year spent living and performing in Dundee, Scotland. He is currently based in Southampton, where he performs predominantly, and will be recording music for a future release in 2017.

Look out! Here comes the sonic juggernaut that is 'Notice to the Builder'. Paul, Leigh, Dan, Charlie & James bring their diverse musical influences to bear on a unique Southampton sound.

The Builders know how to throw a party, and their live shows are consistently banging, with a thrown up mix of pop, dance, rock & metal - so yeah, something for everyone.

As one of their songs eponymously incants in smoky, sultry, sinister fashion: “You’ve gotta put the hours in…” And you could certainly say that Ruby Blue & the Chain have done just that. Comprised of red-haired Madame of melody Ruby Blue and her diversely talented backing band The Chain, of ‘71 Chain’ fame, they have been performing since the beginning of 2016, and are preparing to release their debut album in January 2017.

Often appearing as tender incantations from dark nights of the soul, Ruby Blue & the Chain’s songs have something of the eternal about them: it is no hard task to picture Ruby Blue’s rich tones rising from behind the smoke-encased piano of a 1950s New York jazz club, or at the heart of a Saturday night 1920s vaudevillian thrum, or even those forsaken pre-recording days. Ruby Blue herself recalls the mournful beauty of Billie Holliday, the cultured charm of Tori Amos, with the leather grit of Joan Jett and the gothic bite of Amanda Palmer. They rise and fall, rock to and fro atop Mark Mongan’s bountiful rhythms, carried aloft by Adam Bowden’s binding bass lines, and lathered in broad strokes by Chris Lappage’s searing guitar work. The words that adorn them are mature meditations on life and love with no shortage of charm, and will keep you in pleasant and thoughtful company on the bus ride home, on those cold winter walks to work, in those moments where you lament the lack of local talent.

It is not often that a band’s name so perfectly encapsulates their musical identity, but here one can point to the dark glinting beauty of the ruby at the piano, and note too the hard yet tuneful rattle and clank of the band behind.

Ruby Blue & the Chain are a dynamic and diverse quartet, and are only growing in confidence and appeal. Make sure to catch them when you see that ruby shining in a town near you.

With the spirit and inventive momentum of a Steinway grand piano hurtling down a busy inner-city intersection and all of the primitive fun-loving elation of a group of primates throwing bananas at a wall, Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co. are an exciting prospect, both on and off the record.

Hailing from Southampton, their style is a combination of many, from urban Funk to rural Blues, late-night highway Alternative to sun-bathed, beach-bound Reggae, but could perhaps best be described via the invention of a new term – ‘Freak-Bop’. It is free, it is frenetic; it is joyous, it is jazz-infused; it is industrious, it is instinctive: it is inimitably their own.

Fronted by the former Bavarian monarch Mad King Ludwig on vocals and saxophone, the Mojo Co. is comprised of a group of highly talented multi-instrumentals, with Sir Rumblesticks providing all manner of beats on drums, O Soberano de Baixo laying the tracks hither and thither on bass, The Magyar Gypsy and Tsar Chord adding myriad forms of stringed wizardry on guitars, and Pope Jazzbo I tinkling and sparkling on keys. As individual musicians, they have already garnered much attention and respect on the Southampton scene, and now set out as one to impart their collective message of music, spontaneity and unadulterated good times across the UK.

To put it simply via means of a metaphor, if you enlisted this group to paint your house red, you’d find upon the job being finished that it was both the requested colour and all those others that populate the rainbow, all at once. If that sounds like your cup of tea, put down that cup, get out of that house, and get down to their next show. You won’t regret it.

Tickets available on:

(Friday) January 13, 2017

Freak-Bop Stew EP Launchaganza - Mad King Ludwig & the Mojo Co.

The Joiners 141 St Mary Street Southampton, United Kingdom

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