Sweet Crude - Ben Millburn & Sunglass Moustache - 1/21

Sweet Crude - Ben Millburn & Sunglass Moustache - 1/21 Folder

(Saturday) January 21, 2017 - 21:00

Spanish Moon - 1109 Highland Rd (Map)

26 people attended

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Sweet Crude (http://sweetcrudeband.com)
“Over the past two years, Sweet Crude has managed to take the music and language of Louisiana and produce a completely fresh music that thrusts century-old traditions into the present. The seven-piece band consistently delivers some of the most exciting shows in town featuring enough drums for a small marching band, exuberantly bellowed harmonies and lyrics that jump from English to French in a single verse.”

Ben Millburn (http://www.benmillburn.com)
Louisiana native and Austin resident Ben Millburn released a two part EP series called The Balance EPs over the last year. Austin Town Hall described Part I as brimming with the perfect backing harmony and this swelling of huge guitar riffs that ring out in your speaker long after the tune is over. PopMatters described Part II as downright chilly, like if Kurt Vile’s weirdest stuff was even more glacial and empty. Its folksy guitar is less down-home friendliness and more tumbleweedy desert, no life around for miles. Millburn is joined live by his new group, Sunglass Moustache, who bring the records to life and who make the live show a unique psychedelic rock and roll experience.

(Saturday) January 21, 2017

Sweet Crude - Ben Millburn & Sunglass Moustache - 1/21

Spanish Moon 1109 Highland Rd Baton Rouge, LA United States

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