Whispers & Hurricanes: Hacke & De Picciotto, Jo Quail

Whispers & Hurricanes: Hacke & De Picciotto, Jo Quail Folder

(Thursday) March 09, 2017 - 19:30

Strongroom London - 120-124 Curtain Road (Map)

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The first Whispers & Hurricanes of the year sees the return of two legendary multimedia performers, whose entire life together is an ongoing work of art.

Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke

After two breathtaking shows for us at Cafe Oto and at Hackney Attic, this unconventional and versatile duo return to the UK with new additions to their show.

German-American artist couple Danielle de Picciotto and Alexander Hacke are internationally known, she as the co-founder of the Love Parade, he a founding member of the band Einstürzende Neubauten, and both of them together members of Crime & The City Solution. Since 2010 they have been leading a nomadic life, touring the world with music and theatre projects, never staying still for too long.

Tonight, they will perform music from their recently released and widely acclaimed album 'Perseverantia', made up of instrumental sounds, a few spoken words by Danielle, throat singing by Alexander, purrs and squeaks of the hurdy-gurdy and autoharp, melancholic melodies of the violin and bass and guitar hums.

We will also have a first chance to hear new pieces that they are working on for their next album, comprised of recordings made in a huge cathedral in Austria, mixed with Mexican found sounds and desert drones.

It will be intense.


Thrillingly dark work - Louder Than War Magazine

Jo Quail

A visionary cellist, who never ceases to push boundaries, and her own limitations, with equally dramatic and contemplative compositions, as well as with her use of loops and effects.

Over the last seven years, her career has seen her release three full albums, a live DVD, several collaborative works, and many international tours, most recently with post-rock giants Caspian.

Her music has captured the hearts of rock, classical, experimental, metal, post-rock, gothic and folk fans alike, and she is known for creating a unique experience with each performance.


A woman whose mastery of her instrument – along with a mass of effects pedals – washes over you like a delicate wave of aural complexity - The Monolith

Creative use of pedals and loops to create a surprisingly layered sound. - Metal-Rules.com


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£10 on the door

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(Thursday) March 09, 2017

Whispers & Hurricanes: Hacke & De Picciotto, Jo Quail

Strongroom London 120-124 Curtain Road London, United Kingdom

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