Fleetmac Wood Presents Rumours Rave - London

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(Saturday) February 25, 2017 - 22:00

Oval Space - 29-32 The Oval (Map)

748 people attended

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Fleetmac Wood Presents Rumours Rave
25.02.17 Oval Space, London
22:00 - 03:00
£15 advance - more on the door

On February 4th, 1977 Rumours by Fleetwood Mac was born after a lengthy labour of love.
We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a special birthday party in London to celebrate one of the greatest albums of all time.

You are cordially invited to attend the 40th birthday Rumours Rave with remixes, edits and originals from Rumours and more from the band and solo projects with DJs:
Roxanne Roll
Smooth Sailing
& more TBA

How could we better the perfect album? We simply cannot, but we will have fun re-framing it for the dance floor. If you haven’t heard of our project before then have a listen to what it’s all about: www.soundcloud.com/fleetmacwood

Since 2012, we have been hosting our tunnel-visioned event and celebrating the extensive back catalogue of Fleetwood Mac. With a curated and created assortment of remixes and edits we’ve shared our passion with like-minded hedonists all over the world. We’ve twirled in the mud at Glastonbury and tipped our top hat to the dust at Burning Man.

We’ve always felt that there is so much more to Fleetwood Mac than Rumours. To us it’s just one of the many great albums they have produced, and often the ‘gateway’ drug for a new fan. What is undeniable is that you can play any song from this album and there will be applause. It is perfectly formed but not over-produced, even it’s cover design by Herbert Worthington is an example of classic elegance. The only complaint from us is that Silver Springs couldn’t also fit within its lacquer grooves…(sigh)


Further ponderings on Rumours by Fleetwood Mac by Roxanne Roll:

Perhaps the greatest hedonism afforded by the 70’s was the illicit substance we simply can no longer afford - 'studio time'. Tons of it. Wear out the tape amounts! Enough to re-work, perfect and not have enough room on the vinyl to release all the potential hits - amounts of time.

With nothing to distract you except for your contempt and frustration for your soon to be ex-partner. No social media. Just your instruments, a room full of some of the most talented and ambitious musicians in the world and a good supply of ‘transcending’ stimulants at hand. This was the Record Plant, Sausalito, California February 1976. One year later, that turbulent, suffocating, creative environment would all be worth it.

This precious time allowed room for chance to occur. For Stevie to wander off to Sly Stone’s velvet den at the Record Plant and sing Dreams into her tape recorder. It allowed finishing touches like Ken Caillat’s idea to record Songbird in an empty, auditorium for Christine to play her grand piano complete with a spotlight and a bunch of red roses. It allowed for collaboration and perseverance. The sound-check guitar riff was passed from member to member, each adding their gift to the song with Stevie wrapping it up with a bow when she penned the lyrics to ‘The Chain’.

Time alone is not the answer. Many an album has eaten itself in over-production and the weighted expectation of delivering after so much investment has fizzled many a spark. With the patient nurture of producers/engineers Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut and not to mention Mick Fleetwood’s constant soldering of ‘The Chain’, Rumours was miraculously crafted without a hint of flab or facade. As a band they have an innate feel for a finished song which speaks to the higher power of a musician’s sense of intuition and ‘feel’. I never did believe in the ways of magic, But I'm beginning to wonder why.

An alchemy of Californian folk-rock harmonies with a hint of twang blending with English blues revivalists who’d been around the block and lost many a lead guitarist on the way.
Ambition, talent and a little space for some magic to forge an unbroken chain between a creative alliance of men and women. Unlike many bands in the 70’s and today, it’s important to acknowledge the female narrative of this band. This is authentic emotional storytelling from many individual perspectives that breathes authenticity and defies nostalgia.

As well as the wealth of creative contribution from all members, you have a unique tapestry of voices. Christine, Lindsey and Stevie harmonizing together, creating a fourth voice that begs to remain. A voice that despite solo careers and walk-outs, always returns to their faithful rhythm section of Fleetwood and McVie.

That bass-line, that album cover, those wooden balls. That line aimed at Stevie, that retort at Lindsey, that cheeky song that Christine wrote about the lighting man, the song that was dropped, the heart-break, the hard-work, the world-tour, the fame, the expectation to make another album just like it. Rumours still has us talking four decades later. Ahh, but it’s the listening that really shuts us up and stops us in our tracks.

We cannot better this album or its songs, instead we dive deeper inside its sounds, nestle in its hidden whispers and dance our way through the working parts. For you Rumours, we lovingly collage a home-made birthday card of remixes in appreciation.

Tickets available on: http://bit.ly/2iXDgSS

(Saturday) February 25, 2017

Fleetmac Wood Presents Rumours Rave - London

Oval Space 29-32 The Oval London, United Kingdom

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