The Nouveaux Honkies / The Lark & the Loon

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(Tuesday) January 17, 2017 - 19:00

Terra Fermata - 26 SE 6th St (Map)

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Doors open at 6pm
Happy Hour 6-7pm
The Lark and the Loon, 7-8:15pm
The Nouveaux Honkies, 8:30-10pm

The Nouveaux Honkies

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For many touring bands, the road is their home away from home, an ever-rolling muse that runs beneath their tires and works its way into every aspect of their lives, including their songwriting. For hard- traveling Americana duo The Nouveaux Honkies, the road is literally their home, as the two live out of a creatively rebuilt RV that they use to tour throughout the year in the American South. Rolling along in their high tech, solar powered, self-sufficient chariot, equipped with its own espresso bar, mini studio, and more comforts than most studio apartments in NYC, Tim O’Donnell and Rebecca Dawkins worked out a great formula to tie their travels to their music. They set up in a key American city for a couple months at a time, soaking up inspiration and making friends, before moving on. In this way, their new album Blues For Country, draws its sounds from the musical influences of New Orleans, Nashville, Florida, Austin, and the Texas hill country where they recorded it. “As far as genres are concerned, I don’t think it is an intentional thing for us to be bouncing around the map,” confesses Tim O’Donnell, The Nouveaux Honkies’ songwriter and lead singer. “It is just my personality. I love lots of stuff. To me there is good music and bad music and I really have no formula on what it is. I just know when I like it. Jimmy Webb, Jimmy Reed, and Jimi Hendrix all give me this crazy feeling when I listen to them.” With all these regional flavors, it’s no wonder The Nouveaux Honkies’ music jumps so easily and happily between genres, mixing up a bubbling Americana gumbo of blues, country, roots, R&B, Texas swing, honky-tonk and old-fashioned songwriting.


The Lark and the Loon is not just another family duo. Roots music by definition their writing and song choices traverse the etymology of the Americana idea. Sea shanties, Irish dance tunes, Delta and Piedmont blues, jazz, and country all weave together under the calm direction of their showmanship and love of wordplay. Their debut album Songbirds and Fog was the highest charted self-released album on the Folk DJ charts the month of its release and has been gaining steady fanfare from the listeners reached by this 74 minute 19 track catalog of an album. Tailored to their environment they deliver performances full of humor, insight, and history.

(Tuesday) January 17, 2017

The Nouveaux Honkies / The Lark & the Loon

Terra Fermata 26 SE 6th St Stuart, FL United States

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