Simon King: Nature Watch

Simon King: Nature Watch Folder

(Sunday) November 12, 2017 - 19:30

Dorking Halls - Reigate Road (Map)

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Known to millions as a face of Springwatch and Big Cat Diary, naturalist and broadcaster Simon King is the real life Dr. Doolittle. In this fully illustrated presentation, Simon takes you on a journey of discovery, showing you how you too can talk to the animals in your neighbourhood and get first class views of wildlife as a result.

Learn to grunt like a fallow deer, hoot like an owl and cuckoo like a... cuckoo amongst many others. Simon’s extensive practical knowledge of field-craft and wildlife watching techniques opens the door to the wild world, whether it be in your back yard or beyond.

Every presentation includes an extensive Q&A session where you have the opportunity to chat with Simon about everything from the wildlife on your doorstep to his adventures as a wildlife film-maker all over the world.

This talk is suitable for wildlife enthusiasts of all ages.

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(Sunday) November 12, 2017

Simon King: Nature Watch

Dorking Halls Reigate Road Dorking, United Kingdom