Waves Vienna 2016

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(Thursday) September 29, 2016 - 18:00

WUK - Währinger Straße 59 (Map)

816 people attended

5.0/5 (1)

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Waves Vienna is the city’s first club- and showcase festival. In autumn Vienna’s most significant clubs, unique off-locations, and the public space will merge into the site of the Waves Vienna Festival.

Waves Vienna’s motto is „East meets West“; numerous international alternative, electronic, rock, and club acts will be performing around Vienna’s 9th district. Additionally, local artists and sophisticated musicians from Eastern Europe form an essential part of the festival’s programme.

This year, Waves Vienna will welcome two countries as special guests. True to the motto “East Meets West”, there will be a focus on acts from these countries in the live programme. The Waves Vienna Music Conference will furthermore devote a part of its programme to the respective music markets and scenes of these countries.

*****DAILY LINE-UP*****

THURSDAY, 29. SEP. 2016
Affe Maria (AT)
Alex The Flipper (AT)
Anthony Mills & Clefco (AT)
Autonomics (US)
Black Honey (UK)
Black Lotus Experiment (AT)
Buenoventura (AT)
Eloui (AT)
Gemma Ray (UK)
Gold Panda (UK)
Golf (DE)
Jay Cooper (AT)
Karmakoma (SI)
Kevin Etheridge (AT)
Matt Gresham (AU)
Ori (IL)
Pola Rise (PL)
Ramzailech (IL)
Robb (AT)
Seraphim (AT)
Stabil Elite (DE)
Superpoze (FR)
Svper (ES)
The Canyon Observer (SI)
Totemo (IL)

FRIDAY, 30. SEP. 2016
A Life a Song a Cigarette (AT)
Avec (AT)
Blockflöte des Todes (DE)
Ephemerals (UK)
Finley Quaye (UK)
Gelbgut (AT)
Hazeevot (IL)
Hella Comet (AT)
Jardier (SI)
Jez Dior (US)
Klaus Johann Grobe (CH)
Klischée (CH)
Kriget (SE)
Lausch (AT)
Matt Boroff (AT)
Milk+ (AT)
Monophobe (AT)
M.P. (AT)
Norma Jean Martine (US)
Parasol Caravan (AT)
Powernerd (AT)
Resisters (AT)
Rival Kings (CH)
Soulitaire (AT)
The Souls (CH)
Vimes (DE)

SATURDAY, 1. OCT. 2016
Elsa Tootsie & The Mini Band (AT)
Flut (AT)
Grant (AT)
Hannah Epperson (CA)
Hans (AT)
Holy Fuck (CA)
Indigorado (NO)
Jimi Tenor (FI)
John Grvy (ES)
Jonathan Bestley (UK)
Kafka Tamura (UK)
Langtunes (IR)
Leitstrahl djset (AT)
Lola Marsh (IL)
Mavi Phoenix (AT)
Monsterheart (AT)
Molto Loud (KZ)
Noëp (EE)
Oligarkh (RU)
Ritornell (AT)
Satellites (RO)
Sarah Ferri (BE)
Smerz (DK)
The Crispies (AT)
Throes + The Shine (PT)
Waelder (AT)
Warhaus (BE)
We Are Scientists (US)

The Waves Vienna Music Conference constitutes a part of the festival and offers the possibility to attend lectures and panels and participate in workshops. The subject-specific programme will deal with the topic „East meets West“, which will serve as the basis and inspiration for many years of pan-European cooperation.

Date 29.SEP.-1.OCT.2016
Venues t.b.a. (Festival & Conference Centre @ WUK)

Tickets available on: http://www.oeticket.com/Tickets.html?affiliate=EOE&doc=artistPages%2Ftickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&erid=1504045&includeOnlybookable=false&x10=1&x11=waves

(Thursday) September 29, 2016

Waves Vienna 2016

WUK Währinger Straße 59 Vienna, Austria

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