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(Friday) August 26, 2016 - 12:00

Camp Ramblewood - 2564 Silver Rd (Map)

928 people attended

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Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival is a three day Transformational experience that celebrates the evolution of Yoga culture, from the grassroots of the 60’s counterculture, into the modern yoga studio and Transformational Arts Movements.

Featuring Kirtan and Yoga headliners Krishna Das and Dharma Mittra, and other beloved national and regional teachers, The Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival is packed full of musical performances, Yoga classes, Flow Arts, Themed Campsites, Drumming Circles, Unique Vendors, Art Installations, Workshops, Sacred Fire, Wholesome Libations and High Vibrational Food.

Kirtan :
Krishna Das
GuruGanesha Singh
Brenda McMorrow
David Newman aka Durga Das
Dave Stringer
Ajeet Kaur

Trevor Hall
Desert Dwellers
Living Light
Aligning Minds
Vishal Kanwar
Teknacolor Ninja

World & Yoga music
Kirtan Soul Revival
Kirtan Rabbi
Felicia Rose

also featuring:
Bob Sima,, Missy Balsam, Blue Spirit Wheel, 13 Hands, Debra Devi, Mateo Monk, Maharal, Lobo Marino, Swar Das, Sharon Silverstein, Hannah Allerdice, Ashley Wynn, Kelly Britton, the Ascendants, Maharal, Nina Amaya, Johanna Beekman, Conor Brennan and the Wild Hunt, Mirabai Moon, Swan Kirtan, Nate Spross, Satya

Headlining Yoga Teachers
Dharma Mitra ( Dharma Yoga )
Swami Vidyananda ( Integral Yoga )
Julie Kirkpatrick ( Jivamukti )
Sid McNairy ( Sid Yoga )
Shakti Durgaya ( Kali Natha Yoga )
Elizabeth Burris ( Acro )
Justin Blaze ( Acro )
Yogini Kali ( Dharma )
Mimi Rieger ( vinyasa )
Rachel & Ulysses Wilson ( acro )
Tonya Johnston ( Jivamukti )
Alena Interrupted ( Kripalu )
Hawah Kasat ( Shivananda )
Gopi Kinniciutt ( bhakti )
Marni Sclaroff ( Ashtanga )
Mahan Rishi ( Kundalini )
and many more beloved local and regional teachers ...

The Lovelight festival is also part of Integral Yoga's 50th Anniversary, and there will be a strong presence of IYI teachers and workshop presenters.

Camp Ramblewood features a spring fed lake, for SUP yoga classes and an olympic sized swimming pool.

Kali Natha Yoga, a new style developed by Kashi Ashram, will be making it's debut at Lovelight Festival. Kali Natha yoga is a powerful, goddess oriented style that incorporates mudras, kirtan and visualizations into it's hatha flow ... Jai Ma !

The ISKCON DC temple will be providing satvic vegetarian meals as part of the cafeteria meal plan, that comes w/ every ticket. Spiritual junk food and other offerings ( sometimes ya just need a slice of pizza ) will be available at the 24/7 food vending area.

The Lovelight Festival is delighted to be part of Integral Yoga's 50th Anniversary celebration. We will presenting a special ceremony honoring Integral Yoga and Woodstock as part of this event !

For Burners, creatives, hippies and hipsters .. a special area will be available for total self expression and cash free exchanges of love, yoga, teaching and workshops.

stay tuned for more breaking news ...

Founded by Yoga musician Wynne Paris and Woodstock producer Michael Lang, the festival brings spiritual traditions, musicians and artists together to create a full chakra experience that offers something for everyone, whether you are looking to connect with nature, deepen your practice, make new friends or bliss out for three more days of peace, love and music.

Tickets available on:

(Friday) August 26, 2016

Lovelight Yoga & Arts Festival

Camp Ramblewood 2564 Silver Rd Darlington, MD United States

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